What we're about

A Reading & Creative Ideas Group... starting conversations between readers, writers, creatives and all walks of life. Novellas are Quick to read (2-3hours average) but full of creativity.

Join for great books, EVENTS and conversation.

>> See NEXT BOOKS coming up or feel free to suggest a Novella title to the list.

…..Not everyone likes books but we all read the world around us and every sealion ‘reads’ the sea! So come dip between the lines and south of the page.

Do you like tuning into your imagination & analytical sense? Ever been moved to action or inspiration by a book? Great if you have….after all reading happens On & Off the page !

Do you think the full potential of a book lies in how people/society ‘apply’ and experience it ?

So we choose and appraise novellas according to values beyond narrative merit alone. Like adaptability potential – because SO many have been made into films etc.

Despite short length, novellas allow (and expect!) the writer to manoeuvre intriguing ideas & immersive experiences. They’re often seen as unusual with an illusive mystique – why is that ?

We also read non-fiction on concepts / issues of our times.

EACH SESSION – we discuss freely over a glass of wine or coffee etc. enjoying a little atmosphere from reading aloud, sharing quotes, insight and personal responses.... sometimes play music tracks that you associate with the text.

After that we may :-
• Brainstorm / speculate on the ‘next life’ & adaptations of novellas
• Connect with Writers & Guests
• Appraise novellas

Worst case scenario if you join…..you might wake up with an unexpected book ! Hand out a prize or receive one yourself. Get involved in podcasting or try collaborative creative writing to music…

We suspect that a fresh approach to reading is more fun and opens possibilities for people. Novella Umbrella th~ink tank delves into how and creates conversations between readers, writers, & creatives across disciplines.

In the words of Writer, Nancy Kress let’s make “inventive rain” and share insight with people from all backgrounds.

WHO’s it FOR ?
• Open minded versatile folk from All walks of Life, humanities, disciplines etc.
• Readers, writers, non-readers, lovers of other media / arts and those interested in Creative Process.

Upcoming events (1)

GHOST WALL - by Sarah Moss. Experiential Archeology with dark twists and turns

We read excerpts by candle light - with Guest writers taking part ! 'Ghost Wall' [160 pages] Is set during the course of an archeological simulation where one family and a class of students relive Iron Age life. It's Literature that will haunt you if you put it down ! >> Come to see NEXT BOOKS coming up and feel free to suggest a Novella title to the list. Candles; Music; & two published writers joining discussion and reading form their own work. GARY BUDDEN Writer and publisher of Influx Press & ERIC KARL ANDERSON Writer and literary blogger How can a fresh approach to reading be more fun ? ? Join for great books, EVENTS, conversations & podcasts, https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07HM49HZG/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_em4nCbXM87E0S

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