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Welcome New Humanists - those new to Humanism, renewing Humanism, with new ideas on Humanism, or seeking new friendships in a Humanist community.

Humanism is a flexible, open-minded life philosophy which forgoes religious delusion. We explore our common humanity in an awesome world. There is no dogma but a shared reality and basic human values like compassion, reason and fairness. Humanism can be seen in the best aspects of the modern Enlightenment - secularism, science, social democracy, human rights - yet with a post-modern skepticism, a concern for the biosphere, with a delight in the world as it is - and as it could be.

Much of what follows has been affected by social and legal responses to the current pandemic, so please expect a significant degree of adaption in pursuing our goals which always include community-building.

A Humanist Meetup offers a caring community where we grow as persons - enhancing human capacities, fine-tuning ethical sensitivities, finding nourishing companionship, becoming 'citizens of humanity'. This works best for those who come often. Good people take time to get to know, and understanding grows when we view and cultivate our humanity from a range of key perspectives. Of course those who wish to just try a taste from time to time are also welcome.

There's no entry charge for our Meetups - just donations for food and drink. At 3pm on 4th Sundays of the month is New Humanists Sunday Open House - an open, safe, friendly space facilitating comfortable discussion and enjoyable learning, partying, philosophising, discussing, listening, sharing, growing, laughing, Topics are broad enough for participation at all levels, yet deep enough to enhance humanist understanding for those engaging wholistically.

Once members are comfortable at Humanist House they may consider our sponsors the Humanist Society of NSW. At 3pm on the 2nd Sunday of the month we have society speaker events. (Note these aren't always customised for newcomers in the same way as Open House events. The Society is now over 50 years old with a treasured heritage.)

We're building a community, so please don't be shy in offering thoughts and suggestions.

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Atheist Coffee in Wollongong - Humanists Welcome

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NSW Humanists Meetup is participating in an event in the Illawarra area on Saturday, 10am. This will be a Coffee social in a magnificent location, welcoming Atheists and Humanists. Hosted by Teresa from Wollongong.

There'll be Humanists and Atheists having like-minded conversation, supporting one another, and sharing ideas for future events. Guaranteed humorous and intelligent conversation!

This event is cross posted on several meetup sites so there are bound to be attendees who appear only on those sites. To see all who are coming it's best to come along yourself. This is reviving activity in the Illawarra after a long break due to the pandemic, so please come and get involved.

Saturday, 10am
Bulli Beach Cafe


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The topic for NSW Humanists Meetup's Afteroon Talk at Humanist House in Chippendale on Sunday 9 October 2022 at 3.00 pm will be "ON THE USE & MISUSE OF ECONOMICS".

Speaker John August will revisit a favorite topic - economics - and cast some light on cynical distortions of economic theories and measures.

The economic world around us isn't always as it seems - corporations deliver desirable products and services to us with one hand, and exploit our weaknesses with the other.

Measures that had the promise of supporting planning and review - such as GDP, Employment, Economic growth, Productivity - are over time subverted and twisted to suit political and business agendas.

Around us a forever more complicated world provides opportunities - opportunities for good, opportunities to backslide in our age of supposedly increasing prosperity, and opportunities for businesses to abuse the situation - and for Governments to go along with it.

John August will try to make some sense of the thorny economic world we live in. Come to the talk and to join in the lively Q&A to follow.


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NSW Humanists Meetup next FACE-TO-FACE@HUMANIST HOUSE discussion event will be on Sunday October[masked] at Humanist House in Chippendale. The discussion will explore if DEMOCRACY IS IN DANGER.

Our discussion events allow a wide community of nonbelievers to share ideas in a dedicated space, in an atmosphere that allows time and space for good conversation on interesting topics.

A recent survey found that majorities of both Republicans and Democrats in the USA believed that Democracy was under threat - one suspects with very different notions of where the threat comes from!

Democracy always feels a bit better when the 'good guys' win the election, but do the 'good guys' live up to their promises, or do the 'bad guys' even let them govern the place.

Democracy can need to be saved from itself when lies, demagoguery, populism, hate, fear, irrationality, disillusion and other destructive factors dominate thinking and debating.

In a consumerist corporate world some believe they can get all they want from the market. Others think that demanding rights is sufficent. But markets fail, and rights and needs sometimes need to be struggled for and negotiated .

A distaste for politics is everywhere and trust in 'institutions' is low. Is democracy taken for granted? Is culture war any kind of political process? We need to engage with people we don't like to resolve serious issues. Can we still do that?

This is a discussion so there won't be any experts or easy answers. Just a group of 'citizens' engaged in 'debate'. Come and join in.


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All our events are now held at Humanist House in Chippendale. Details of speakers and topics will be advertised as soon as they become available.

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