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Welcome New Humanists - those new to Humanism, renewing Humanism, with new ideas on Humanism, or seeking new friendships in a Humanist community.

Humanism is a flexible, open-minded life philosophy which forgoes religious delusion. We explore our common humanity in an awesome world. There is no dogma but a shared reality and basic human values like compassion, reason and fairness. Humanism can be seen in the best aspects of the modern Enlightenment - secularism, science, social democracy, human rights - yet with a post-modern skepticism, a concern for the biosphere, with a delight in the world as it is - and as it could be.

Much of what follows has been affected by social and legal responses to the current pandemic, so please expect a significant degree of adaption in pursuing our goals which always include community-building.

A Humanist Meetup offers a caring community where we grow as persons - enhancing human capacities, fine-tuning ethical sensitivities, finding nourishing companionship, becoming 'citizens of humanity'. This works best for those who come often. Good people take time to get to know, and understanding grows when we view and cultivate our humanity from a range of key perspectives. Of course those who wish to just try a taste from time to time are also welcome.

There's no entry charge for our Meetups - just donations for food and drink. At 3pm on 4th Sundays of the month is New Humanists Sunday Open House - an open, safe, friendly space facilitating comfortable discussion and enjoyable learning, partying, philosophising, discussing, listening, sharing, growing, laughing, Topics are broad enough for participation at all levels, yet deep enough to enhance humanist understanding for those engaging wholistically.

Once members are comfortable at Humanist House they may consider our sponsors the Humanist Society of NSW. At 3pm on the 2nd Sunday of the month we have society speaker events. (Note these aren't always customised for newcomers in the same way as Open House events. The Society is now over 50 years old with a treasured heritage.)

We're building a community, so please don't be shy in offering thoughts and suggestions.

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On Sunday 8 August[masked]pm NSW Humanists Meetup will have online talks and discussions on the threats to Freedom From Religion presented by so-called 'Religious Discrimination' legislation proposed in both the NSW and the Australian parliaments. Check us out on Zoom at the URL on the right of the page for the event.

Such legislation exploits the language of anti-discrimination to license behaviour which vilifies LGBTIQA+, atheists and others - or denies abortion and contraception - or anything else any religion forbids - so long as the perpetrator believes they have religious reasons for doing so.

This approach becomes even more absurd than 'tolerating intolerance' e.g. by restricting employers of religious activists while explictly excluding religious employers from any such limits!

There have been enquiries at both levels of government but outcomes reflect the far greater level of agitation and involvement coming from religious activists and even some mainstream churches.

Yet there is danger in over-reacting or reacting too early, wasting scarce resources. We'll explore current campaigns but also look for efficent ways to participate - it's always too easy to spend other people's money.

All our in-person events are subject to changes due to pandemic delvelopments and may in some cases be moved to an online platform.


Online event

NSW Humanists Meetup will be having a Zoom online discussion event at 3pm Sunday 22 August 2021 titled 'CORPORATE HEGEMONY.'

This will be in the form of an open discussion, and likely to arouse participants. Come along online to listen and learn rather than just hammer others with stock arguments.

OK we like the goodies of contemporary capitalism but equally expect good citzenship from the corporations that supply them. Yet big corporations can impose themselves in many ways, dodging taxation, pushing down wages, and polluting the countryside - just to get things started. Through bullying, monopoly practices, litigation, lobbying, takeovers and other tricks too complex to follow, some corporations become increasingly powerful - often in more than one country.

Competition drives capitalism, and corporations can produce some innovative 'goodies', but the largest can 'compete' in aggressive rather than creative ways - destroying entrepreneurs and blocking unwanted innovations - the opposite of 'free enterprise'.

Cutting over-powered corporations down to size would benefit all our political persuasions, but is it too late?


Humanist House

There will not be a speaker event at Humanist House on Sunday 12 September 2021 due to the AGM of the Humanist Sciety.


Humanist House

FACE-TO-FACE@HUMANIST HOUSE events allow a wide community of nonbelievers to share ideas in a dedicated space, in an atmosphere that allows time and space for good conversation on interesting topics - subject of course to pandemic requirements.

There will be a limit of 20 people attending so please be on time on the day i.e. 3.00 PM. There will be some extra routines needed. There will not be food and drink available but please bring your own snacks. Soft drinks are available across the laneway.

Please RSVP to indicate an intention to come, but a place cannot be guaranteed except by early attendance. As some people overbook or appear unexpectedly, the number of RSVPs is never a guide to how many actually turn up. Nor can we reserve places for an unticketed event.

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