CONCEPTS IN ETHICAL DISCUSSION - A Humanist Viewpoints Afternoon Talk

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Every 2nd Sunday of the month until May 11, 2019

Humanist House

10 Shepherd St, Chippendale · Sydney

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Humanist House is a few doors behind the old Hotel Broadway, just across and downhill towards the city from the Broadway Shopping Centre.

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The Humanist Viewpoints Afternoon Talk at Humanist House, 10 Shepherd Street, Chippendale 3.00 for 3.15 PM on Sunday 14 April 2019 will be a systematic survey of CONCEPTS IN ETHICAL DISCUSSION.

We need to know what we're talking about on a subject that has been front and centre in most of the big ideas that have intrigued humans over the centuries. The speaker will be David Killingly PhD.

Humanism is an ethical stance that emphasizes the agency of human beings, individually and collectively, and prefers reason and evidence over acceptance of dogma. So, how do we develop and implement this ethical stance?

This talk is intended to give an enlightening overview of ethical theory and social behaviour. We will look at the ethical theories developed by philosophers, including the roles of means based (deontic) versus ends based (teleological) systems, selfish versus altruistic ethics, and individualistic versus consensus ethics.

We will look at the major mechanisms of social behaviour as revealed by biologists, including tit-for-tat behaviour, inclusive fitness and the genetic basis of reciprocal altruism. We will examine the determinants of ethical behaviour revealed by psychologists, including concepts of fairness, empathy, retribution, and tribalism.

Finally, how do these contribute to the actual ethical decisions we make, and can we resolve the trolley car paradox? If time permits, we will look at some attempts to live an ethically positive life.

Come and explore this key to effective living for human beings. There will be an extensive Q&A session.