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What we’re about

Wanderlust: a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.

Are you nearing retirement and always dreamed of traveling the world, or young and single and love to travel, or a couple that wants to share amazing experiences! It’s always more fun when you do it with people that you know. This group brings people together that have a shared passion for traveling the world with great friends.
• We will meet regularly throughout the year to have fun and enjoy travel conversations
•We will plan 2-3 tours per year; at different times of year ( more tours will be added as the group grows)
•We will use GoAhead Tours to book our trips. GoAhead is a sister company of EF Tours which runs the high school foreign language tours throughout the country. (High school tours stay in 2-3 star hotels while adult tours stay in 4-5 star hotels)
• Due to the size of GoAhead/EF, they have the buying power to demand the best tours, guides, and prices in the industry for their customers.
• Members are encouraged to add input and plan international, national, and local trips.
• International and National trips will be planned and posted 3 years out so people can plan in advance. Tours 1-2 years out can be booked right away. Tours 3 years out is informational only and prices will change by the time we get there.
• By being able to book 2 years in advance, monthly payments will be smaller and would make it more affordable.

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