What we're about

Welcome, fans of Harry Potter!

We’re the New York Order of the Phoenix, a group of HP fans based in New York City.  We are a sister group of “The Group That Shall Not Be Named,” with a stronger focus on activities related to Jo Rowling’s Wizarding World.

If there are Potter-related things happening in NYC, we will be there!  This goes for both the official franchise and fan-created works:

-          New Fantastic Beasts movies
-          Harry Potter Exhibitions
-          Release of Hogwarts Legacy
-          Wizard rock concerts
-          Performances from the Puffs team or Team StarKid
-          Book signings for books about HP

Aside from those events, we will meet monthly on the third Tuesday of each month: for HP book discussions, Potter-themed games, and more.  We will be your geeky friends, who will get your references and eagerly debate the minutiae of the wizarding world!

And if you catch wind of something Pottery happening in the city, post about it here and there’s every chance it will become A Thing.

Upcoming events (2)

April Monthly Meetup: Games of Harry Potter Telepictionary

Pizzeria Uno

What happens when the potions to develop wizard photographs curdle, and the owls carrying letters get blown off course? Some truly epic miscommunication!

At our April meetup, we'll be playing a Harry Potter-themed game that fuses "Telephone" and "Pictionary," where we see just how garbled things can become when passed through several people's renderings. Absolutely no artistic ability required!

May Monthly Meetup: Astronomy Class

Pizzeria Uno

Ever wondered about Jupiter's moons, and whether they're covered with ice or mice? Or about the stars that lend their names to the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black?

Join us for an Astronomy class where we'll learn about the Astronomy behind the magic of the Potter books, and discuss what Harry may have been learning in all those Astronomy classes at Hogwarts that we hear about but never see.

Past events (15)

March Monthly Meetup: Herbology Class

Pizzeria Uno


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