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About NY Tech Meetup
Founded in 2004, NY Tech Meetup is the largest meetup group in the world. It is run by NY Tech Alliance, a non-profit organization formed by the merger of NY Tech Meetup (the non-profit) and New York Tech Council in 2016. 
Each month, our monthly meetup is held at different venues across New York City, and features live demos from New York tech companies, followed by an after party. 
About NY Tech Alliance
The mission of the NY Tech Alliance is to represent, inspire, support, and help lead the New York technology community and ecosystem to create a better future for all. Founded in 2016 with the merger of NY Tech Meetup and the New York Technology Council, the organization has over 60,000 individual and institutional members, reflecting the full spectrum of the greater New York area tech community and making it the largest tech organization in the region. Led by Executive Director Andy Saldaña with Acting Chair Thatcher Bell, the NY Tech Alliance continues the work of its predecessor organizations, hosts a monthly Meetup as well as educational and social events, and continues to focus programming and advocacy efforts on issues important to the technology sector and New York.

Upcoming events (2)

December 2022 NY Tech Meetup

200 Liberty Street

Save the date! Our next in-person NY Tech Meetup is around the corner and taking place on Monday, December 5, at 5:30pm ET.
We’ll be hosted by Northwestern Mutual in their amazing 31st floor event space, featuring incredible demoers, networking and food & beverages.

When: Monday, December 5th
Where: Northwestern Mutual, 200 Liberty Street, 31st floor (across from the WTC) and via Zoom for remote attendees

5:30 PM - In-person Networking (Doors Open)
6:00 PM - Demo Program (In-person & via Zoom)
7:30 PM - Program Ends with In-person Networking to Follow

Doug Binette,
Acting Executive Director, NYTA

Jessica Ochoa Hendrix, CEO, Killer Snails

Peter Thum, Co-Founder & CEO, Muse

Scott Hall, Founder & CEO AltHub

Brian Buchanan, CEO, Cap3 Collective

Danielle Gaglioti, Web3 Product Lead, Cap3 Collective

Abiodun Johnson, Co-Founder & CEO, GeoCloud

To attend the December Meetup in-person, RSVP through the event page on our website
Click here to register

To attend remotely via Zoom
Click here to register

December Founders Spotlight with Dr. Eugenia Steingold

Link visible for attendees

On Wednesday, December 14, 12pm ET, we'll welcome Dr. Eugenia Steingold for our next founder spotlight!

NY Tech Talks showcase incredibly talented founders and leaders in the NY tech community and beyond. Whether we look to fill an auditorium or a fireside setting, we love sitting down with each founder and engaging in a candid and intimate conversation.
We ask founders everything from what inspired them, the ups and downs of their journey as well as questions that enable attendees to know them on a personal level.
The Founder Spotlight, is a series within NY Tech Talks, focused on women founders. We know that women founders receive just 2% of early stage funding; the women at our events have gone against the odds to create transformative tech and dynamic
companies, including ones that support aging parents, use robotics in farming and reimagine the way we educate and prepare students for the future. We celebrate their success and look to them to inspire future women founders.

Dr. Eugenia Steingold, Chief Science Officer, Jelikalite.

About Jelikalite
Autism is a serious developmental disease that lasts a lifetime. The rates of autism continue to rise, the cause of the disease remains unknown and there is no cure. We believe that children on the autism spectrum can lead fulfilling and productive lives. That is why JelikaLite is developing Cognilum, an integrative solution with focus on pediatric neurological health using non-invasive novel therapies. Cognilum will enable children to integrate into society, parents to receive a home-based personalized cost-effective treatment while having a better quality of life, therapists to track progress and efficacy of existing interventions, and both payors and government to spend less money on special education and lifelong residential care. Cognilum may provide benefits that may be difficult to measure with money alone, yet society will bear the ultimate expenses if nothing continues to be done about the millions of children with autism and other neurological disorders who are unable to integrate into society.

For more info on Dr. Steingold and the event, please visit our website here: https://www.nytech.org/december_founders_spotlight_with_dr_eugenia_steingold

Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZModOihqDssGdPQYo15sYWQQqyEep2bTB8i

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