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October 2018 NY Tech Meetup - A Swedish Tech Takeover
Join us for NYC's most famous and longest running monthly tech event! This time around we are joining forces with The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in New York who, in collaboration with The Swedish Energy Agency and The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, is thrilled to present ten of Sweden’s most exciting startups ready for their US market launch. Sweden has gained widespread recognition as a leading startup nation. Stockholm now prides itself as one of cities in the world producing the most unicorns per capita – companies like Skype, Spotify, King and Klarna, only to name a few, all got their start in the Nordic capital. The startups selected to pitch at Tech Meetup has been carefully selected by the Swedish agencies for their prominence in the fields of technology and cleantech. They are recognized for their inventiveness and for their readiness to expand internationally. Come see these talented entrepreneurs pitch their businesses and get an insight into the Swedish startup wonder. The night ends with a mingle and a chance to meet with the entrepreneurs and sponsors. VÄLKOMMEN! The Demoing Companies: Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth: Tech Vertical Zalster Provides advertisers and agencies with an AI-platform for automating optimization, visualizing data through a customizable dashboard and giving actionable insights. IPscreener A communication platform which offers solutions to make the daily work of screening prior art, reviewing ideas, prioritizing projects or patent documents more efficient and less time consuming. Tipser Headless e-commerce for publishers and influencers. Their clients include 6 out of Europe's 16 biggest media houses, Youtube-networks, and over 5 000 quality brands. Elias Software: Dedicated to providing innovative solutions in the field of computer game music rendering. Elias is the new revolutionary music engine that changes the way we perceive and experience adaptive music in games. Signal Signal Google of voice – monitor thousands of podcasts, YouTube, radio and TV episodes to find out when your brand is mentioned. Powered by the latest speech-to-text AI technology. Swedish Energy Agency: Cleantech Vertical Mimbly An add-on solution for existing and new laundry machines. This product saves 50 to 80 percent of the water when doing laundry by recycling the water used. It also saves energy by keeping heat in the system and captures microplastics to avoid harmful disposals. Bl!xt Disrupts a 150-year-old mechanical technology worth $31 Bn. Bl!xt is the sole developer of digital circuit breakers, a game changer for all industries where electricity is being used. Phoenix Biopower: Develops a revolutionary technology for high efficiency biopower that can double the electrical efficiency from biomass. Bzzt Small, efficient, electrical taxi vehicles for short trips and distances which can be ordered through an app. CAKE Develops and will market light, clean and silent, high performance electrical off-road motorbikes. CAKE’s ambition to speed up the transition towards a zero-emission society while promoting fun and exciting activities.

AppNexus Razzle Dazzle Room

28 West 23rd St., 4th Floor · New York, NY

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