July 2017 NY Tech Meetup and Afterparty - PITCH THE CITY


Join us for NYC's most famous and longest running monthly tech event! You'll see a fantastic lineup of New York tech companies presenting live demos of their products, followed by an afterparty where you can network with the community and meet our demoers and sponsors.

For July's event, NY Tech Meetup will team up with Blank Space and the City of New York to host the final event of the 'Driverless Future Challenge.' Teams from around the world submitted proposals to answer a complicated question: How can NYC prepare for autonomous cars? The four finalists in the challenge will pitch NYC Government officials and technologists at the event and the winner will be crowned live in front of the Meetup audience!


Public Square
Company Name: FXFOWLE with Sam Schwartz Engineering

Public Square is the creation of FXFOWLE Architects with Sam Schwartz Engineering. FXFOWLE is an architecture and urban design firm based in New York and working to improve cities everywhere. FXFOWLE believes in the power of collaborative design and innovation to transform our lives for the better. Sam Schwartz Engineering lives and breathes traffic and transportation, offering comprehensive planning, engineering and design services to public and private sector clients worldwide.

Explore this vision at: https://vimeo.com/222721632 (https://vimeo.com/222721632.)

www.queuey.nyc (http://www.queuey.nyc/)

QueueY brings together a diverse team of designers, researchers, and fabricators focused on envisioning new technologies to make the city a better place. Based in New York City, the team members have strategic experience spanning the fields of manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, software, architecture and urban planning. Our work can be found in Europe, Australia, the United States, and the emerging megacities of Asia.

Explore this vision at: https://vimeo.com/222723620

Company Name: IBI Group

The IBI Group TH!NK team includes a diverse group of individuals from New York City and beyond. Passionately motivated by our local experience, we set out to resolve the New York City transportation problems that we live with daily. We leveraged our knowledge in urban design and planning, building and landscape architecture, engineering, advanced transportation management and traffic systems, real estate analysis, communications specializations, and software development to ensure that we not only created the best solution for today, but also created the right solution for tomorrow.

Explore this vision at: https://vimeo.com/222722779

Urban Oasis

Lily Shi, Yodai Yasunaga, and Jiaming Zhang are recent graduates of Cornell University with a degree in Design and Environmental Analysis. They share a passion in improving people’s lives through human-centered design that utilize strategy and technology.

Explore this vision at: https://vimeo.com/222721950


carmera.com (http://carmera.com/)

CARMERA is a real-time, street-level intelligence platform for autonomous vehicles and the built environment.

We operate a visual road sensor network built on top of safety monitoring services for professional fleets, to gather updated 3D scene, change detection and analytics data for city streets. Our machine vision pipelines extract rich texture and insight for autonomous vehicle mapping, as well as a broader set of architecture, construction, real estate, urban design and planning uses not served until now.

HAAS Alert
www.haasalert.com (https://www.haasalert.com/)

Mobile V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) and global smart city service, enables real-time communication between emergency vehicles, motorists, connected and autonomous cars. The company is putting first responders, utilities, public works and other municipal fleets on the grid, today, utilizing existing mobile infrastructure.

TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE CHALLENGE VISIT http://driverlessfuture.blankspaceproject.com/


www.dock72.com (https://www.dock72.com/)

Dock 72 is one of the largest NYC ground-up developments to be built outside of Manhattan in decades. The 675,000 square foot building is revolutionizing the 21st century work environment with innovative and collaborative work spaces, state-of-the-art amenities and breathtaking panoramic views.