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Various 9/11-related events, Thurs 9/10 to Sun 9/13


Every 9/11 anniversary week and weekend, there are various 9/11 Truth movement events that attract a fairly large crowd. This will be our annual opportunity to try to counteract religiously bigoted grand conspiracy ideologies among people in the 9/11 Truth movement, while at the same time showing our support for an independent investigation of the U.S. government's actions regarding 9/11.

We will aim to take a friendly, constructive approach, actively supporting the 9/11 Truth movement's call for an independent investigation, on grounds that have been advocated not just by "conspiracy theorists" but also by mainstream writers. (See NYARBB's position on 9/11 ( But we aim also to counteract the religiously bigoted grand conspiracy ideologies that are advocated by some (though by no means all) 9/11 Truth activists. (See NYARBB's position on "conspiracy theories" ( and NYARBB's position against "Illuminati" claims (

The events (NOT sponsored by NYARBB) will be announced on the following sites:

9/11/09 Real Change Conference (
The Real Change & Transparency Conference (
We Demand Transparency (

Update: Earlier it was reported here that one Bill Deagle, a total nut who believes that the U.S. government is controlled by "Satanic Luciferian Reptilians," was scheduled to be a speaker at the "Real Change" conference, as discussed in the TruthMove forum ( and in The Real Change and Transparency Conference ( by Julian. Fortunately, he has been removed from the speaker list.

A more fundamental problem is that one of the organizations sponsoring the conference, We Are Change, is also very much a part of the so-called "Patriot movement," in which religiously bigoted grand conspiracy ideologies are, alas, all too commonplace. The "Patriot movement" does voice legitimate concerns about real human rights violations by the U.S. government (e.g. the Waco massacre), but too often mixes these legitimate concerns with tons of ill-researched and/or bigoted crap.

For more information, see the following:

Project Against Grand Conspiracy Ideology - links page (
Committee for 9/11 Accountability - links page (

Please email me (Diane) ( if you would like to participate in our efforts to support the call for a new investigation while opposing religiously bigoted grand conspiracy ideologies.

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