• Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden - Oktoberfest edition!!

    Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden

    I'll be spending the evening at the Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden to celebrate Oktoberfest season. Please join me in this annual festival. I'll be donning my lederhosen and Tyrolean hat so feel free to do the same or dust off your dirndl for a night of good company and tasty beers.

  • Fall PA Grand Canyon Backpack

    Pine Creek Gorge

    This will be a 3 day, 2 night backpacking trip over a little under 30 miles. Plenty of ups and downs and nice vistas. Especially with the changing of the leaves. My favorite time to go backpacking and get away from the hustle and bustle. This is a rain or shine event, so remember to bring rain gear. Should be beautiful during the day but a bit chilly at night so plan accordingly. Possibly low 40s, high 30s at night. I assume everyone here are experienced backpackers but let me know if you have any questions at all. Coordinates and my cellphone will be provided to attendees. Please be open to carpooling and sharing gas and expenses. It’s better for the environment and a lot of members in NYC don’t have cars. I live outside Phila in Exton so doubtful my car will be convenient for anyone.

  • Bike ride from NYC to Montauk

    Queensboro Plaza Station


    I have never done this ride but it sounds epic so I figured why not? I have rescheduled the ride for the fall for the cooler weather and the fact that all the hotel were booked beginning of September. Beginning of October is way less busy in the Hamptons and Montauk. The plan? Meet at 0700 in Queensboro Plaza and ride east all day until we reach the Montauk Lighthouse. This would be a 135 mile ride. We would do two group or three groups. One fast, one medium paced and one slow group. I will lead the medium paced group. I would need volunteers for the fast paced group and the slow paced group. The medium pace group would be going at an average of 18mph. Fast group would be doing 24mph and slow group would be the decided by the leader. Requirements: For the fast and medium paced group only road bikes. No hybrids or commuters or anything that can't go at least 18mph on the flat roads. For the slow group I would talk to the leader once we have one for that what his requirements are. Bike lights Two tubes Rain jacket This is a self-supported ride. If you can't keep pace with the groups and end up getting lost you will need to figure out how to get out and back home on your own. We will be riding mostly roads so you must be comfortable with that. For the medium pace group I expect arrival at the Montauk light house around 6pm with stops for breakfast and lunch on the way and breaks to refill water bottles and eat a snack. If you don't own a road bike but want to come then Ride Brooklyn and Unlimited Biking rent road bikes in the city. I can post their info or you can google them up. We will stay overnight in Montauk at a hotel once I have determined the number of people we have. I estimated the hotel for one night would be about $110 for the night per person. I am going to ask for payments for the hotel about a month before around the beginning of September. We will have to share beds. If you want your own bed then it would be $220 for the night. The Hamptons are pretty expensive. You are welcome to book your own hotel room also. Please send me $110 using PayPal or Zelle to [masked] or using Venmo @xico-mancheno. We will get dinner in the Hamptons once we have taken a shower and changed on Saturday night. Sunday we will wake up late and chill out in the Hamptons. In the evening we will take the train back to the city.

  • Long Island Outdoors Paintball

    Long Island Sports Park

    Save the date for a first NYB paintball event. More details to follow. Times may get adjusted closer to event once I know how many people are attending. Cost is $59 person. I will be collecting money via Venmo or other payment options closer to the date. The cost includes all gear, and 500 paintballs. Located conveniently close to NYC. PLAY PAINTBALL ON LONG ISLAND With over 100 acres of awesome terrain, Cousins Paintball in Suffolk County is the place to host your paintball party or to meet up with friends for some action and adventure.

  • GREEN MOUNTAIN GRAVEL GROWLER, Vermont Bikepacking To Breweries and Pubs

    Let's plan this! Dates are not set in stone, yet. We should decide on dates as a firm group comes together. The ideal time for this bikepacking ride is late summer through fall. Timing it for early October leaf-peeping season would make for a magical experience. 5 days is recommended for the entire loop but it can be done in less days or in sections. Others can join in along the route as able. This extraordinary loop weaves a selection of storybook-farm dirt roads, flowy New England singletrack, and rugged historic woodland paths to create a circuit of some of the world’s best and most coveted craft beers. The Vermont craft brewery scene churns out 10 of the top 50 beers in the United States (Beer Advocate, 2013) and most of the breweries have expanded to larger facilities plus there are many new ones. In fact, Vermont has more breweries per capita than any other state in the nation. Bottom line, the beer is incredible and the industry is distinctly unique to Vermont. Several of the most sought after breweries do not export beyond state lines, and some don’t even sell beyond their own town, which are conveniently in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately for us, a lot of Vermont’s best breweries are in the middle of nowhere — or at least in the middle of quaint towns scattered amongst the rolling countryside. Vermont boasts the highest percentage of unpaved roads in the country. This incredibly beautiful and tasty five day, 248 mile loop links 13 breweries, 2 classic brewpubs, and several taprooms and restaurants throughout the central region of Vermont. At its heart, the Green Mountain Gravel Growler is a route designed to enjoy over an extra-long weekend on a gravel/adventure bike with hearty 40mm tires or greater. Daily mileage is low to allow leisurely tours and tastings. Along the way you’ll find abundant climbing, incredible views of the green mountains, rolling farmland and quaint New England charm… oh yeah, and some of the most amazing beer on the planet. Highlights -Classic dirt farm roads, red barns, and holstein cows. -Incredible breweries including Foam, Zero Gravity, The Alchemist, Lost Nation, Hill Farmstead, Frost, Fiddlehead and Lawson’s Finest Liquids. -Visit Otter Creek, one of the OG’s of Vermont brewing as well as Good Measure, an up and comer. -Ascend mighty Lincoln Gap, with sustained grades of 20% and maxing out at 24%. New England road builders consider switchbacks wholly optional. -Three pubs with great vibes and amazing food and beer selections: The Threepenny Taproom in Montpelier, The Bobcat Cafe in Bristol, and Prohibition Pig in Waterbury. -Even more beer to try, as Stone Corral (Richmond), Trapp’s (Stowe), Rock Art (Morrisville), and Drop-In (Middlebury) are along this route. Planning -Amtrak’s Vermonter line introduced roll-on bike service. -This route was designed with gravel/cross bikes in mind. It features a lot of gravel, a few paved sections, some bits of medium technical singletrack, and several really rough ‘class 4’ roads where you’ll be a bit ‘underbiked’ on a CX rig. 40mm+ tires are recommended but a bike with 35’s can manage. -Vermont is the second least populated U.S. state (after Wyoming) and there is no shortage of beautiful New England woods on this route. Still, private property and no trespassing signs abound. We'll make every effort to check with the landowner before wild camping. A simple friendly inquiry to a farmer is very likely to yield permission to camp at the edge of a field. -Primitive camping is allowed in the Green Mountain National Forest, which this route goes through between Warren and Middlebury. -Town forests vary in their camping policy. You are unlikely to be hassled if you are discreet, keep a small footprint, and pack up early. #leavenotrace. We could check out warmshowers.org for potential hosts as well. -You are never far away from food and drink, so there is little reason to carry much beyond a few energy bars, a couple of bottles and backpacker meals.

  • Annual Leaf peeping trip to the Adirondacks, Columbus Day Weekend

    WAITLIST RULES: I have a few spots left for the trip. If you want to come and get out of the waitlist please send the money for the trip. I will move people off the waitlist once you have sent me the money for the trip. I will move off the waitlist also those people who have booked their own site. Just let me know. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Coming back for another year is our biggest camping trip of the year. We are going up on Friday October 11th and coming back on Monday October 14th. Some people have Columbus Day off and others just take it off. Others just drive back on Sunday. This is the busiest time of the year up in the Adirondacks and it usually is one of the most spectacular outside of winter. Given how hot it has been we might just hit peak time this year at this time. It is impossible to find parking at the main lot unless you have a tent site so having these sites makes it possible for us to have prime parking spots right next to the trailheads. Payment I am asking this year for $56 per person for 3 nights for the either the tent sites or canvas sites or the lean-to. Please send me the money for the campsites via PayPal or Zelle to [masked]. Or if you are using Venmo then my username is at @xico-mancheno Here is the direct link to my PayPal account: https://www.paypal.me/nybackpackers Some of the extra money will go to cover unexpected costs. The ADK does great conservation work in the Daks and they have this lovely campsites that we stay at every single year. Campground rules: The canvas sites and campsites fit up to 6 people. I want to limit the campsites to 3 to 4 people. All the tent sites have a limit of 6 people and/or 3 tents. Whichever limit is reached first. If there are already 3 tents, it doesn't matter if there are only 3 people but you can't stay there. If the site already has 6 people but only 1 tent then again you can't add another tent and more people. Each canvas site and tent site has a limit of two cars per site also. Once you have paid me you can fill your name in one of the spots for a tent site, lean-to or canvas site and if you are driving please also fill your name in a car spot. Please check this sheet before you arrive as there is no cell service in the campground!!! Here is the link to the sheet: https://bit.ly/2NUVwNi I am going to ask everyone arriving to register at the front desk of the Loj as soon as they arrive with their names and the car they are in. The desk is now open 24 hours so please do this before you even look for your spot. Finally we had complains about the noise levels at the campsite in the past years. Please try to talk in a really low voice after 10pm. No music allowed after 10pm. It's one of the nicest campsites around and I don't want to get complains from the Loj staff that we are too loud. Try to spread out into a few groups. Please whisper if you want to talk after 10. Don't make fun of the host when he comes to tell you to keep it quiet. Be nice and polite. Here is a map of the campsites at the Loj campground: https://goo.gl/ortdZU Only those who has paid me already can come. Your name on the RSVP list on meetup does not guarantee you a spot. There is also a tab on that spreadsheet of hikes if anyone wants to organize a hike or wants to see who is organizing a hike and join them. Rides up there I have set up a spreadsheet to make it easier to share rides. Drivers please fill it to let people know how to contact you, what time are you leaving and how much space do you have. Riders look at the sheet to find out who has space. Don't despair if you can't find a ride early. Most people don't decide on the what time and where are they driving from until a week before or day before. Rides spreadsheet: https://goo.gl/oSeqk7 Please update the sheet when you have given someone a ride already so that people know if there is still space. Please ask the driver ahead of time for an estimate of the costs to share a ride. Please don't change drivers last minute and leave your driver hanging. Don't ask multiple people for rides. NYB policy is that if you have 2 or more passengers that those passengers pay for all the tolls and gas. Given that the driver pays for the car and maintenance. Activities Hiking, cycling, climbing, kayaking, etc All the hikes are self-organized. Look at the tab on the campsites spreadsheet that says hikes at the bottom to find any organized hikes. Here are some suggestions for hikes: Grey, Skylight, Marcy Algonquin, Wright and Iroquois peaks. Great trip and good way to bag 3 at a time. Giant and Rocky Peak. Giant is an amazing and beautiful short hike. Great views. Very steep though so if you are adverse to heights, this is not your hike. We will be CAMPING. To camp out in October in the Adirondacks you will need a 15 to 20 degree rated sleeping bag. The temperature at the summit of the highest peaks can be as low as 20F with the windchill. So be prepared even if it is 60F at the base. You can also go BIKING and KAYAKING nearby if you want. Plenty of things to do!!! Hiking Rules: Leave No Trace Leave no trace or LNT is a principle by which everyone will abide on this trip. You agree to come and go into the woods and live the wilderness as it was before you arrive. What does that mean? 1. You carry in and carry out everything you brought with you on the hike. The means that you don't trash the place. 2. If you need to go do your business in the woods, you must dig a 6 inch hole about 200 feet from the trail with you boots or trail runners. As an extra precaution bring a bag for your used TP. TP biodegrades too slowly. You can throw the baggy in the trash at end of the hike. 3. Stick to the trails. No bushwacking around an obstacle unless it is absolutely necessary. If there is a mud just go through it. You won't melt. 4. Above the alpine zone stick to the trail. Those plants above the alpine zone will not recover if you trample on them. If you see others doing it call them on it and let them know to stick to the trail. 5. In the Adirondacks the group maximum is 15 people in a group for a day hike. If there are more than 15 people please split into two groups and make sure there is a mile distance between the two groups. Make a loop of the hike so that you don't run into each other and thread the same path and perhaps start an hour apart to ensure this. Let's try to minimize our impact on the wilderness. 6. We try to keep this whole experience with as little waste as possible. I don't want anyone bringing disposable cups or plates. Please bring reusable utensils and cups from home. Let's reduce our waste to a minimum. People tend to bring lots of disposable cups and plates which end up in the garbage. We have no need for that. 7. Buy wood for the fireplace either at the visitors center or at a supermarket or gas station nearby. Don't chop off any trees. The trees will not appreciate it. Also don't pick up any dead trees. Those trees will become a home for some and food for others in the woods. Also don't bring wood from home. 8. Don't feed the wildlife. No matter how cute the wildlife is, don't feed it on purpose or accidentally. If you want to read more about LNT, check this link: https://lnt.org/learn/7-principles Food Everyone usually bring their own food and utensils. You can coordinate with the person you are driving with, to stop at supermarket on the way up. Trash Please keep two separate bags at each campsite for trash and recycling separate at each campsite. There is trash and recycling bin in the campground that you can empty out to each day. It is near the entrance to the campground. Let's keep out trash to a minimum please. Smoking Please NO SMOKING on the campground or on the trail. Guests You are 100% responsible for your guests. Equipment: Polyester hiking clothing (NO COTTON, COTTON KILLS) Headlamp Sleeping bag (15F to 20F rating) Hat Gloves Hiking boots or trail runners Tent 2 1L bottles of water Map of the Adirondacks (Everyone hiking must carry one copy of a waterproof map of the Daks.)

  • Trail running race. Castle to River. 50k/25k/5k/mile

    Philipstown Recreation Department

    This race is a part of Salomon trails series (50k/25k). Registration is required for all participants and is at the following URL: https://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=68440 50k ($65) starts at 8am 25k ($45)starts at 9am 5k ($25) at 9.30am 1mile(FREE) at 11:30 am Runner check-in opens at 6:30am. More information at: http://salomonnytrailseries.com/castle-to-river-run/

  • Trail Running Race--Black Rock Series 25k and 12k

    Black Rock Preserve

    This event is for those who enjoy trail running and want to participate in a trail running race. I ran this race (25k) last year and it was my first trail race. It was a great experience--fairly challenging course combined with plenty of home made warm food served at the finish line. Event website and registration is at : https://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=63097 Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/322955485209787/ 12k Carriage road option is $40 ($50 after Aug 29th) + sign up fee 25k Ten Summits option is $50 ($60 after Aug 29th) +sign up fee. A YES RSVP on meetup page does not automatically register you for the event. All participants must register via official page ^. We can use the comments section to coordinate carpool. The drive is about 1h20min from Midtown Manhattan. Bellow is the blurb from the race event page and more information including links to the course maps and cue sheets is available on the registration page above or at: https://blackrockraces.com/races/ Event Overview Black Rock Forest is an exceptional place, existing in relative solitude just north of Harriman/Bear Mountain State Parks, and adjacent to the lands of West Point to the south. This unique race event is designed so as to showcase the forest rather than cover excessive mileage. Among its 3,800+ acres of pristine forest land, Black Rock features numerous mountain peaks, most with stunning views, and some with a view of Manhattan (40+ miles away). To leverage these glorious peaks, we devised the Ten Summits race - our feature distance - which will be sure to test your endurance and leg strength. Ten peaks in 15 miles, and over 3,300 feet of elevation gain to remind you that this is no stroll in the woods. The Races: TEN SUMMITS 25K Taking place primarily on single-track trail, but with some carriage roads. Upwards of 3,500 feet of elevation gain, you'll scale Mt. Misery, Honey Hill, Black Rock, Sackett Ridge, Split Rock, Jupiter's Boulder (Mt Rascal), Eagle Cliff, Spy Rock, Rattlesnake Hill, and finally, Hill of Pines. There will be three aid stations on the course, which will have fluids, and some nutrition. WHITE OAK 12K This race is 7.8 miles in length, and is essentially a circumnavigation of the Black Rock lands by way of carriage roads. There are three aid stations along the way, although the first two are fairly close together, so you may elect to skip one. Your tour of the forest will take you past the famous White Oak Tree, and also many of the sky lakes in the forest, including Sphagnum Pond, Sutherland Pond, Jim's Pond, and Arthur's Pond. Near Arthur's Pond, you'll also pass by the historic Chatfield House, and you may choose to stop there and bang on the Native American drum for good luck. :)

  • Pre-Holiday Killington Ski/Snowboard Trip

    Killington Ski Area

    This is the annual season opener to get together with new and old ski and snowboard buddies at Killington. Come make some early season runs, meet other snowboarders and skiers in the community, get stoked about snowboarding/skiing for another winter season. This is your chance to celebrate a brand new season before the holidays. DETAILS: Dates: Dec 6 - 8. Condos: Trial Creek and Highridge Condominiums CHECK IN: 6 pm Friday, Dec 6, 2018 CHECK OUT: 10 am Sunday, Dec 8, 2018 COST: Early Bird - $222 includes 2 nights of lodging and 2 days of lift tickets. Lodging only subtract $110. (Paid by September 1st) Regular - $242 included 2 nights of lodging and 2 days of lift tickets. Lodging only subtract $110. (Paid after September 1st) **** Last day to book is November 15th**** Booking an entire condo? – Contact me directly for additional discount (entire condo must be paid in full by one person) ADDITIONAL SERVICES: Equipment Rentals: $74 for two days of adult ski/snowboard rentals Snow Sports Lessons: $64 per 2 hour adult group lesson Discount Food Vouchers: pay $10 for a $12 food voucher TO RSVP: Please email [masked] and submit payment via Venmo or Paypal. CONDOS: Please note rates are based on maximum occupancy of each condo including sofa beds. All Queen/Sofa Beds are double occupancy. I suggest connecting with your condo mates ahead of time to sort out who sleeps on which bed. If you do not connect with your condo mates it is first arrive-first select. I am unable to book specific bedding selection. (Condo assignments will be given out 2 weeks prior to the trip date) If there is someone you would like to be roommates with, please let me know when booking. I will try to adjust the roommate assignments the best way I can. All condos will be sleeping the maximum occupancy so if there's an extra spot in that condo, I will be filling it. 10 Person Condo – bedding varies, sofa bed 8 Person Condo – bedding varies, sofa bed 6 Person Condo – 1 queen, 2 twins, sofa bed 4 Person Condo – 1 queen, sofa bed Few things to keep in mind: • You do not have to room with people in your carpool. • Due to private ownership of the rental units, a security deposit via major credit card (no bank debit cards) must be provided for each unit upon check-in. Security deposits range from $200-$400 per unit depending on the size of the unit. Pre-authorization in the amount will be taken upon check-in. The funds will be released after check out. Each condo occupants will be responsible for this deposit. CARPOOL/RIDES: Please keep in mind that this trip is BRING YOUR OWN RIDE. The carpool list is a courtesy and please be mindful that if there are not enough drivers, you will have to find your own set of wheels. Ride-share Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yvExhxI0zZH_3WQLgsJlkMt3eX7iqf8IqJwXN-4G-90/edit?usp=sharing Carpool Rules: • Drivers get to choose the time and place they will pick up passengers. They also determine what time they want to leave Killington on Sunday. • Drivers are not allowed to "sell" spots and collect payment in advance of the trip. LODGING INFORMATION: Trail Creek Condominiums 522 East Mountain Road, Killington, VT 05751 Highridge Condiminiums 536 East Mountain Road, Killington VT 05751 All condominiums include a fireplace, balcony or patio, kitchen with full size appliances, washer and dryer. Activity center includes a small indoor pool, hot tubs, sauna and game room. Trailcreek is located within walking distance to Snowshed Base Lodge. Highridge/Trailcreek have complimentary shuttle service. On good snow season both condos are ski-in. OTHER STUFF: • I will pick up lift tickets for the entire group. Please come by my condo between Friday Night (when you arrive) to pick up your lift ticket, lesson and rental vouchers. I will email out my condo number the day before the event. My contact number is (646)[masked] if you have any questions.