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Price: $5.00 /per person

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A gathering at the Joanna Shannon Library to talk about the fascinating subject of astrology, network, hang out, learn something new, and just have fun!


Pluto in the natal chart, in synastry, and by transit. We will discuss the four methods of manifestation of a Pluto transit as put forth by Jeff Green. Bring your Pluto experiences or your chart, and share with the group! Some Pluto experiences can be dark or difficult, so be prepared to share these intense experiences if you volunteer your chart.

Why is there a suggested donation?

The event is free. The suggested donation is optional and is requested in order to make up for the organizer fee charged by NCGR has also requested a donation to help maintain the Library. Come and share your energy and thoughts with us regardless of whether or not you can pay the suggested donation.


When you get in the building, ring the bell and wait for the doorman. Go into the door to your right labeled "Michael Lutin."

The venue is at 5th Avenue, between 10th and 11th streets.