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Astrology is an amazing tool for self-exploration and for discovering the beautifully precise rhythms of the universe. Many people think that astrology is nothing more than the sun sign columns found in the newspapers. Those who realize that astrology is much more than this are far and few between. Whether you are just at the beginning of your journey or have been exploring the subject for some time, here you will find a place where others "speak your language." Beginners will learn new information during the informative discussions while experienced practitioners will have an opportunity to exchange ideas. All are encouraged to participate, and anyone interested in leading a discussion topic is very welcome to do so! Please contact the organizer if you have a discussion topic.

We are co-creators of our destiny.

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Suggestions for new Meetups: UPDATED May 1, 2014 *How about symposiums, where more than one presenter can speak, so that the burden is more spread out? *A few specific topic suggestions: Looking at an individual planet or sign, traditional vs. modern astrology, rapid reading techniques (for parties/psychic fairs), combining astrological readings with other divination methods

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