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Meetup events in

New York

New York

New York is famously known as the city that never sleeps. With so many things to do, it鈥檚 no wonder why.

New York is renowned for its theater culture, high-end shopping on 5th avenue and it鈥檚 famous museums.

Check out all New York has to offer:

Organize a group in New York

Live in New York? Build your own community by starting a group on Meetup. You don鈥檛 have to be an expert to create a thriving community. Start a group of your passions, and Meetup will promote it to the people who share your interests.

Things to do in New York

Both locals and tourists can find fun things to do in NYC that they鈥檝e never done before, like walking the length of Manhattan, taking the Staten Island Ferry, or visiting a local treasure like Little Island or the Bronx Botanical Garden.