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What we’re about

OMG NYC (Origami Meetup Group! New York City) is a group for people to come together and share the beautiful art of Origami, an ancient art of folding various mediums, most commonly paper. Occasionally, other materials folded are fabric, wire mesh, sheet metal, tissue, thin plastic, cardboard, and straws. The word comes from the combination of the Japanese verb oru (to fold) and the noun kami (paper).

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, we met at least once a month as a big group, to teach each other new models and share paper, books, and tips; also to organize special folding retreats and paper shopping tours in the city. Our regular schedule was every Third Saturday of the month.

Also we had evening after work meetings on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings called WTF (Weekly Tuesday Folders), TOM (Taro's Origami Meetup) and AWOL (After Work Origami Lovers), respectively. These are smaller, more intimate gatherings of origami friends that meet to fold, fold, fold.

Now, as we seem to be reemerging from the lockdowns, we have been going virtual with OMG OZ (Origami Zoomers) on Wednesdays through Zoom. And during the warmer months, we are experimenting with outdoor, in person folding in different locations.

Supporting the 34th Street Partnership, we will have a short weekday meetup in Greeley Square Park to give city workers a Tuesday afternoon break and in person folding outside.

Check out the calendar for more details.

And everyone is welcome — so, come fold with us! This group is open to all levels, from beginners interested in starting a new hobby to the advanced folder... So, come join the Fold!!

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