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Successful Overwintering for Advancing & First Season Beekeepers

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Liane N. and Zoltan F.


If this is your first year keeping bees --or you've been keeping longer but suffering high winter losses, this session is especially for you.

IMPORTANT: RSVP to: is also required to be on the security list for this activity.

You’ve probably heard that successful overwintering separates the “Bee Havers” from the Bee Keepers.

National statistics show average losses in the 30% range, putting migratory beekeepers under threat. Hobbyists who keep in the city should be able to do much better, but unfortunately many do a lot worse than that today.

We’ll share what we’ve learned in the ten-plus years we’ve been teaching, mentoring and supporting the NYC beekeeping community citywide.

We’ll detail specific actions you can take now and for the next few months to increase your chances of successful overwintering, and we’ll review an approach for the coming year to put you ahead of the curve.

Donations are gratefully accepted and are tax-deductible within the legal limits. Suggested $25 and up.

Randalls Island Five Boro Complex · 10035, NY