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What we’re about

We are a community of developers prepping for coding interviews, participating in hackathons, building portfolio projects, and attending software engineering panels TOGETHER. No coder is an island, and you don't have to be one either.

In the past we've had App Academy, Codesmith, Fullstack Academy, Grace Hopper, Flatiron, New York Code + Design, General Assembly++ grads sit alongside our self-taught programmers and computer science majors to hack at projects, crack algos, and speak to software engineers from companies like Coinbase and Bloomberg. Check out footage from our inaugural panel event:

**We are language-agnostic**

Join us on Discord ( where we share LinkedIn Profiles, send out tips and tricks to navigate the job search, and send out Meetup events first so you can get first dibs on RSVPing.

Want to sponsor an event or host one of our meetups at your company? Reach out to us at