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What we’re about

Math is the original liberal art, the first stop on any intellectual journey to understand a little more about the world. It's about trying to answer questions, not because they've been assigned out of some dusty textbook, but because the question itself is interesting and the attempt is more interesting still. It's about learning for the sake of learning, studying for the sake of studying. This group is about math for math's sake.
This meetup was founded to cultivate a natural and stress-free environment where anyone can study, discuss, explore, and experience mathematics. No prior knowledge is assumed. Whether you are an avid student of mathematics or have always shied away saying "math is not for me", you are welcome. Our approach allows anyone to naively discover mathematics. All studies at the school are free of charge. Philosophically, we share much in common with the vision of mathematics education Paul Lockhart outlines in his wonderful essay A Mathematician’s Lament.
Curious? Take a look at some of our past topics or just stop by a meetup.