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What we’re about

Meet up with anarcho-capitalists for enjoyable lunches and other casual events.

Note that anarcho-capitalism is a type of radical libertarianism that favors the abundant wealth production, rapid technological development, and high standards of living produced by capitalism. Other types of anarchism, e.g., voluntary socialism (monks making cheese) are harmless and kind of cute, but not our thing.

We are also fairly lazy about fighting the state. Hanging out, discussing philosophy, and making fun of politicians is the majority of what we do. If you hear someone suggest trying to get rid of government with violence, he is not an AnCap and you should be cautious about associating with him.

If you are interested in *discovering* anarcho-capitalism, may I suggest that you read any or all of the following:

For a New Liberty, By Murray N. Rothbard 

The Problem of Political Authority, by Michael Huemer

Machinery of Freedom, by David D. Friedman

Or just come hang out and we'll tell you all about it :)