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2 Talks: DevOps for K8S + Operational Excellence in Apr Fools Pranks

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• 6:30pm Doors open
• 6:30-7pm Social time
• 7pm: Speaker starts
• 9pm: Meeting ends

Speaker 1: Paul Czakowski

Title: DevOps for Kubernetes

An introductory presentation on Kubernetes focussed on the relevant
interests and concerns of curious DevOps practitioners. The talk starts
with an overview of the components that make up Kubernetes and how they
work together to form a platform for scheduling and scaling containers. I
will then talk through the various resources that Kubernetes make available
to the user and how they can be composed together to deploy scalable and
robust applications, not only for “cloud native” app but also for existing
apps, even the dread legacy apps. I’ll also talk about how it fits in with
the existing ecosystem of tools and practices that you’re likely already be
using. You’ll leave this talk with a solid understanding of the
fundamentals of Kubernetes, how it could fit into your DevOps toolchest,
and sense of whether you should use it or not.

Speaker 2: Tom Limoncelli

Title: Operational Excellence in April Fools’ Pranks: Being Funny Is Serious Work!

One of the most “high stakes launch” you can do is the April Fools Prank (AFP). The usual best practices don’t always work and there is no second chance: you can’t just re-launch on April 2nd. Many silos must sign off on the plan, yet the plan must be kept secret. Beta testing is particularly difficult. Loads shift from zero to millions in one day with little room for mistakes.

In this talk I’ll discuss how to communicate across the company to get buy-in, how to load test using “dark launches”, rollbacks using feature flags, and other techniques for assuring a high stakes launch happens correctly. I’ll include stories from many AFPs both that I’ve observed and been a part of.