Amorphic, D3 in Ember, and Preloading Multimedia: Can Play Through?

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Amorphic by Sam Elsamman (

Node.js creates a unique opportunity for applications to share a common structure on both the front-end and back-end. Amorphic ( is a new isomorphic framework still under development that blurs the lines between browser and server letting the author focus on what is most important – the application itself. In this talk we will get a preview of how Amorphic works by examining a simple application that uses it.

D3 in Ember by Heyjin Kim (
D3 is a great library for data visualization, but when dealing with complex applications and DOM(SVG) manipulations are not fun. You can solve the problems with Ember.

Preloading Multimedia: Can Play Through? by Denis Nazarov (
As web applications incorporate more high quality multimedia assets, developers need a consistent way of knowing when video or audio has sufficiently loaded for uninterrupted playback to deliver a great user experience. This talk illustrates the inconsistencies of browser implementations of the "canplaythrough" event and proposes an alternative solution of determining preload progress based on the element's "buffered" property.

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8:15 - Drinks at Heartland Brewery (