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NYCHTML5 - March Episode
NYCHTML5 will be hosting our March 2018 meetup on March 20th at ZX Ventures, right on the 24th St between the 6th and the 7th Avenues. The event will consist of two technical talks, along with friendly conversations, food, drinks and beer. Our speakers: Building Conclave: A Decentralized, Real-Time, Collaborative Editor - by Sun-Li Beatteay Conclave is a decentralized, real-time, collaborative text editor for the browser. This talk will focus on the challenges that the Conclave team faced and their solutions. These topics include how to create a decentralized application using modern browser technology, maintaining consistency in a distributed architecture, and how to cheaply scale a real-time application to handle dozens of concurrent users. For anyone interested in dApps, distributed systems or fun open source projects, you won't want to miss this presentation. A Brief History of WebAssembly - by Wayne Gerard WebAssembly (wasm) is a standard that allows for developing applications in languages like C/C++ with the ability to run them on the web at near native speed. We’ll take a look at WebAssembly’s roots in NaCl and asm.js, where it is today, and go through a brief demonstration of a simple application built on-top of this technology. See you at our event!


125 West 24th Street · New York

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The HTML5 developers group is for people to get together and talk about how we’re starting to build applications using HTML5, CSS3, and modern JavaScript. It’s intended for both traditional front-end developers moving from websites to the larger world of web applications, as well as native/rich internet application developers who are looking to transfer their skills to these up-and-coming technologies.

There are already great HTML5 and JavaScript groups in New York so we're hoping to do something a little different. Instead of a single large presentation per event, we'll be trying to do one 30–45 minute and two or three 10 minute lightning talks. The intention is that events will be a lot less formal and will encourage attendees to share their thoughts and experience with the rest of the group.

We'll try to mix up talks every event so they'll be content for both people approaching the platform and for experienced front-end engineers wondering how traditional techniques such as design patterns and tools make sense in this brave new JavaScript world.

We're only just getting started, so if you have any thoughts or suggestions please get in touch. Also, if you're interesting in sponsoring the group in any capacity, we'd love to hear from you.

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