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[Exclusive] Meet the JS standards committee - TC39

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Aziz Y. and Shu-yu G.


NYCHTML5 will be hosting our exclusive TC39 meetup on May 24th at Knewton, right on the 5th Ave.

TC39, the JS standards committee, is in town. Come by to this free and open event to say hi and for Q&A with some committee delegates.

TC39 - Technical Committee 39 is a part of ECMA, an institution that standardizes and defines ECMAScript (JavaScript). TC39 focuses on evolving ECMAScript, creating the specification and making it better for all of us.

We will have pizza and drinks!
See you at our event!

We expect all speakers and attendees to follow the JSConf code of conduct ( ).
100 5th Ave 8th Floor, New York, NY 10011 · New York, NY
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