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What we’re about

NYC Jam's goal is to form a network of like-minded musicians who just want to jam!

All styles are welcome and all instruments are appreciated.  Most jams will hopefully be open affairs, but if someone wants to propose a jam for a particular style- go ahead!  

All levels are welcome although you should at a minimum be able to follow chords and simple song structures.  If you are a complete beginner or a total pro- let the host know so they can indicate if it is appropriate.

We will generally try to balance the instruments so we don't have 6 bassists show up.

Now for the rules:

-Communication: This means a lot. Let other's know what chords you're playing and what styles of music you like. Also, listen to each other when playing, leave room for others to play and take turns with the solos.  Lower your volume as appropriate (particularly if there is a vocalist).

-RSVP: please try to reply as soon as possible if you're interested.  If there are not enough musicians, the meetup will be canceled.  Rooms should be reserved according to the number of people showing up.

Zero tolerance for no-shows. If you RSVP - please show up or you will have a bunch of pissed off musicians that had to spend more than they anticipated.  If you don't show up, you will be removed from the group. 

-Payment: The cost of the studio will be split evenly among everyone- even if you  showed for the last 10 minutes, you will be asked to pay an even share. 

-The music: Anything goes! Rock, Jazz, Funk, House, Ska, Drum & Bass, Bluegrass, Disco- I highly encourage anything. Feel free to specify whatever you want if you propose a jam- circulate sheet music, specify only song covers, etc...-  so long as you can get people to show up.  I personally prefer open improvisational jam sessions with no cover songs.

-Community: Everyone is welcomed to make suggestions or host your own jam event from here. Just be cool.

Have fun and keep jammin!