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Harriman Fall 2020 Photography Hike

Location visible to members

Hello all, besides hiking I’m into nature photography. This event isn’t a mobile phone or point and shoot camera photography class or hike but a nature walk/hike designed to capture the images of nature in the fall using any kind of DSLR or medium format camera. I will bring my photo kit for either my Fujifilm X-2/3 or Canon mark ? camera. I’m bringing a tripod, filters and a photo backpack with drink and food for the day. With others we can explore new techniques, gear, and just have fun with exploring photography of nature as a group. Let’s try to visit lakes, streams, off trail and on. I have no predetermined route. I want to keep this as flexible trip. Except for persistent rain this trip will be on whether cloudy or sunny. Notes I have not locked in the meeting place or the actual date so I apologize for that before u see changes to this trip as time goes by. I will be consulting the NY Fall 2020 state color guide for an exact date and place I want to visit. Ur flexibility is key to having a good time. All levels are welcome. I will not be teaching or providing a class. U must have a DSLR or medium format camera etc.... to attend. No guests permitted. This is for MOB members only. Questions?

Fall Backpack In Dolly Sods West Virginia

Dolly Sods

Happy Columbus Day weekend Im Setting the placemarket for a Fall spectacular setting within a 4000 foot plateau with too many backpacking trails for 1 trip. The Dolly Sods Wilderness and Scenic Area is one of West Virginia and the Monongahela National Forest’s most treasured natural assets. Situated atop the highest plateau east of the Mississippi River, this U.S. Wilderness Area is characterized by weather typically found much further north in Canada. Avid backpackers and photographers know Dolly Sods to be a gem that delivers a true wilderness landscape and adventure Trail Map : https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/stelprdb5152038.pdf Please note that the trail map link above reflecting Dolly Sods is vast and we will not be able to cover the entire area. We will focus on the north and mid section of Dolly Sods. Itinerary hiking distances Sat < 5 Miles Arrive Sun 10 - 15 Miles Mon 10 - 15 Miles Tues < 5 Miles Leave Must brings and notes Rain coat - Just In Case A warm layer like a puffy & Warm Hat Food Must be hung from a tree bring paracord. Store food in ziplocks to reduce odors Headlamp - (CHECK YOUR BATTERIES) Few extra ziplocks for your garbage or keep your phone dry etc... 1 Trash bag - I slide my pack in at night to keep it dry. Also great emergency item. Keeps bugs out.

Catskills Peak Bagging Panther Mtn 3700ft + and Camp on THE GIANT LEDGE

Panther Mountain Trailhead

This is a 2 part Event - Backpacking to backcountry camp on The Giant Ledge in the Catskills and bagging a Catskills 3500 High peak Panther mountain 3700 ft. Itinerary: On Sat we will 1 - Hike 1.5 miles to The Giant Ledge where we will set up an overnight camp ON THE CLIFF LEDGE at 3,200 Ft! then 2 - hike with substantially lighter backpacks to the top of the Catskills high Peak Panther Mtn 3,720 Ft. The total Mileage for day 1 is 1.5 to THE LEDGE with a overnight backpack then 1.5 miles to the top of Panther mtn. Total milage for Sat is 4.5 miles (bc we are returning to the camp after hiking to Panther mtn). Here is the route details i created using CalTopo if you like to export it to Gaia, Avenva + AllTrails phone apps. I use Topo Maps+ on my iPhone. https://caltopo.com/m/FJQB/GKF9MUN00N5RHM11 Sunday we will head down to cars a go home. _________________________________________________________ The view from a camp site area will be as close as possible to the featured photo which is literally possible. Safety first! If you don't want to camp near the ledge u don't have to. There is a great mountain water spring close to The Ledge but you'll need a filter bf u use it for cooking or drinking. We will arrive early to secure the best camp site on The Ledge then complete the hike and return to enjoy the massive late afternoon views from the cliff. Important Notes: U will need a warm sleeping bag. A pack cover, food for a lunch food for 1 night and 1 breakfast. Rain coat!! YOU MUST HAVE A HEADLAMP with EXTRA BATTERIES. Bring a tent! Sleeping Mat! Hand warmers are a great addition as well. **********You are responsible for NOT sleepwalking over the edge of the LEDGE! bc if you do all we will hear from u is AHHHHHhhhhhhh.... then we’ll maybe hear a kersplat sound :) Absolutely no guests or pets. Don't ask me. We might get cell reception on the Ledge.

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