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New Yorkers and outdoor enthusiasts:

Become part of the growing and wide-reaching MOB community today to participate in every outdoor acivity all four seasons imaginable:

- Day Hikes for both the leisure hikers and serious peakbaggers!

- Backpacking Trips

- Whitewater Rafting

- Snowtubing

- Skiing/Snowboarding

- Recreational Courses

- Rock Climbing

- Mountain Biking

- Camping

- Water ops!

- Unforgettable weekend trips that include a variety of aforementioned activities

Check out the events schedule for more.

Oh, did we mention wide-reaching? Activities include, but are not limited to:

- The White Mountains of NH

- Catskills and Adirondacks in the meetup's backyard Upstate

- Maine/Acadia

- Delaware Water Gap and other NJ/Lehigh Valley Hikes in the Poconos

- Yosemite National Park

- Mount Rainier

- The Sierras and Mt. Whitney!

- Right here in the City

Get started and join us on an endless trail to share the MOB mentality and some memorable adventures and experiences!

Upcoming events (4)

Minnewaska 11 miles winter hike to frozen waterfalls

Lower Awosting Lot

Welcome to Minnewaska State Park. Parking costs $10 payable with cash or plastic when you enter the trailhead parking lot.

This is a slow-moderate paced hike utilizing carriage roads and trails to create 2 loops a North and South Loop. Each loops goal is to visit as many frozen waterfalls and sights as possible.

Lets discover winter views of:
Rainbow Falls
Frozen Swim Holes
Awosting Falls
Sheldon Falls
PeterSkill Fall
Compass Rock Viewpoint


We will start at the parking lot and hike North on a 5.08 mile loop visiting the designed falls and sights then back to the cars. Thereafter; we will hike south in a 6 mile loop visiting the designed falls and sights then back to the cars. Total Hike 11 miles. There may be slopes!

Only excessive temps will cancel the event. Rain and snow doesn't. This is designed as a winter hike.


Wooolf preserve visit

89 Mt Pleasant Rd

I have been many times to this place and its awesome every time.
There will be 1h educational lecture followed by howling of 4 wolf packs. There is a short hike to the place so bring micro spikes if you have (not required).
We will see foxes and hear stories about their funny lives; they collect toys for their offspring from local houses, jump on trampoline or tease dogs on leashes, haha.
We will go for a dinner afterwards.
You have to buy tickets asap because this tour is popular and will sold out. it posted on jan 5th and will be gone soon. good luck

These are rescued animals.

what's app chat for this event for carpooling and being excited


location is 89 Mount Pleasant Road, Columbia, NJ 07832

buy tickets here for 10:30 am on 02/19/2022


Lakota wolf website

Lakota wolf's policy is for groups 10 or more we would need a reservation. in order to keep it simple I have to limit the number of attendees for this event.
please mark yourself as 'going' only if you purchased the ticket.

standard disclaimer here

Memorial Day Catskills Car Camping - Live music, Hiking, Waterfalls + More

Join MOBsters for a fantastic fun filled weekend of car camping and events in the Catskill Mountains of NYS. This is open for all levels of camping experience. This is a 3 night 3 day event of car camping.

We will be accepting RSVPs of 30+ people max once payment is required. This is a large space so we will be able to spread out nicely.

We are in the process of planning events for Saturday and Sunday that you can sign up for. On Saturday Night there is a free Bluegrass Concert at the campground.

Details: Make Friday your half work day or leave after work! Meet at the campground Friday night before 8pm. Check in at the office then proceed to the group campsite, setup your tent, pad and sleeping bag. There will be multiple picnic tables and multiple fire pits. Wood must be bought at the campground to comply with NYS regs available before 8pm.

MEETUP LOCATION. The Campground: The campground is called So-Hi Campground in Accord NY. The campground website is http://www.sohicampground.com/home.html . The campground will have hot/cold showers & toilets. We have a large group site.

CAMPING COSTS and CONFIRMING YOUR ATTENDANCE: The campground charges $20/night per person for a group site. This by far the most reasonable rate with amenities available in the Catskills. We will camp 3 nights for a total cost of $60 per person to attend. We are simply passing this rate along to you. Once we are prepared to collect a payment all those on the wait list that pay will be moved to attending.

If you do not have transport and want to attend you must ask in the comments. There are drivers from the NYC area that can carpool you.

MAKING YOUR PAYMENT: We can only accept PayPal
1 Submit a payment of $60 to (XXXX) once payments are being accepted
2 Enter a comment in your payment using your MOB screen name to identify your payment
3 Select "Send to a Friend" to avoid a fee deduction on your payment
4 DM me to notify me that payment was submitted once I confirm I will move you to attending.

REFUNDS: NO REFUNDS CAN BE GIVEN IF YOU HAVE PAID AND YOU WISH TO CXL WITHIN 5 DAYS OF THE EVENT bc the campground will not refund the organizers that are passing your payment along within that time period.


GEAR + FOOD + DRINKS: The Event will require you have camping gear plus you need food and drinks for the 3 days. Bring hiking clothes, toiletries and extra clothes if you get wet/sweaty from the event. Wool hat and warm layer at camp works wonder if it's chilly. Remember there's a car to leave things in. Bring a towel and amenities if you want to shower. NO SNEAKERS is highly recommended.

****We will have a roaring fire to cook over if you don't have a stove**** Bring a grill to put over the fireplace there will be multiple fires.

Questions? Direct msg organizers or comment

******COVID RULES APPLY bring a mask and practice social distancing******

NO PETS don't ask. Not open to MOB non-members.

ADK Lakeside Camping on Forked Lake - Kayak/Canoe to the campsite

Forked Lake Campground


This is one of my favorite drive in then paddle campground in the northeast. Join me at the gorgeous lakeside campground at one of the Adirondacks' best kept secrets -- Forked Lake Campground.

The campground's remoteness and beautiful surroundings offer a terrific wilderness experience. Its large, well-forested, lakeside campsites are unparalleled in privacy. Close your eyes and you can almost imagine that the forest is yours and yours alone. So what do we do here other than pretending we are on survivor? The campground offers numerous water-focused recreational opportunities, including canoeing, boating, and fishing. If your interests are more terrestrial in nature, there are miles upon miles of hiking trails in the area.

This is tent camping. You must have all the necessary camping gear and you must be able to bring and cook your own foods. We will have a fire pit available to cook. You must bring rain gear in case of rain.

Campground details https://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/24467.html

The plan!

We'll meet Friday morning at the campground boat rental parking lot in front of the ranger station to check in to our campsite and to rent your choice of a kayak or canoe. Then we will go to the boat launch pick your rental and load your gear. We will PADDLE to our campsites to set up our tents and other gear. From here we can do as much or as little as we'd like until dinner that evening. Sunday we'll get up and make breakfast and can continue to explore what the campground and area has to offer.

What does it cost and how do I pay?

There will be a per person for the campsite fee that is TBA. The cost is for THREE nights of camping. Payment is via PayPal. To pay for your camping reservation, use this link XXXXXX (filled in later).

Space will be LIMITED so until I receive your payment your RSVP is not confirmed and your attendance is not guaranteed. Once I have confirmation of receipt of your payment I will move you to confirmed RSVP status.

But what do we eat?

To keep it simple, everyone is responsible for bringing what food and snacks they would like to eat and drink.

We will be cooking dinner Friday, and breakfast, lunch and dinner Saturday and Sunday, and breakfast Monday. Meals will be semi-communal, meaning bring what you would like to eat for yourself but perhaps also enough to share with a few other people. Simple to cook but interesting items are best.

This is BLACK BEAR country. We have to store our food in bear lockers at our campsites that measure 18" x 18" x 4' so pack accordingly. There is a carry in, carry out garbage policy in effect.

What else do I need to know?

• We will have lakeside campsites that are PADDLE ACCESS ONLY, meaning we will be renting canoes and ferrying our gear in. Canoe rentals are $20 per day and will be paid for ON SITE by yourself.

• If you are unsure what to pack, please ask.

• The campsites have pit/vault toilets, but no showers unfortunately. The lake is good for a wash if you bring environment friendly soap.

How to get there!

Forked Lake Campground
381 Forked Lake Campsite Road
Long Lake, NY 12847
GPS Coordinates (Latitude, Longitude)[masked], [masked]

The campground is about a 5 hour drive from NYC and we'll need to carpool to the campground. When you RSVP, please indicate if need a ride. Or if you plan to drive, where you are coming from and how many passengers you can take. We'll then figure out our carpooling options, please be proactive and contact a driver directly rather than just saying where you need a ride from. Gas and tolls should be picked up by the passengers, also a cup of coffee for the driver is a nice gesture.

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