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Become part of the growing and wide-reaching MOB community today to participate in every outdoor acivity all four seasons imaginable:

- Day Hikes for both the leisure hikers and serious peakbaggers!

- Backpacking Trips

- Whitewater Rafting

- Snowtubing

- Skiing/Snowboarding

- Recreational Courses

- Rock Climbing

- Mountain Biking

- Camping

- Water ops!

- Unforgettable weekend trips that include a variety of aforementioned activities

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Oh, did we mention wide-reaching? Activities include, but are not limited to:

- The White Mountains of NH

- Catskills and Adirondacks in the meetup's backyard Upstate

- Maine/Acadia

- Delaware Water Gap and other NJ/Lehigh Valley Hikes in the Poconos

- Yosemite National Park

- Mount Rainier

- The Sierras and Mt. Whitney!

- Right here in the City

Get started and join us on an endless trail to share the MOB mentality and some memorable adventures and experiences!

Upcoming events (4)

Last Minute - Easy Backpacking and Mine visit - Harriman State Park

Needs a location

Last minute simple overnight at and around Fingerboard shelter in Harriman State Park.

Welcome to all levels but you must have proper winter gear and backpacking experience.

Meet at Tiorati Circle AT Parking Lot around 11AM.
Arrive at Fingerboard shelter on your terms.

Hike length: 4 miles round trip
Difficulty: Easy
Weather: temps between 15*F - 30*F light winds
Please ensure you check the weather forecast for any changes that may occur until Saturday 2/4th

There is no water available at Fingerboard. Bring as much as you need or a min. of 2 liters.

On the way out Sunday lets visit a large mine before heading back to our cars.

Winter Catskills Backpacking & 3 Peak day hike - Wittenberg Cornell & Friday mtn

Woodland Valley Campground Parking

Winter is a beautiful time of year. It offers its own unique experiences and challenges. The Borough Range is one of the most beautiful places in the Catskills Mountains.

This is a challenging event. This event will encompass snow, ice and a heavy backpack. There will be winter overnighting, there will be rock scrambles, and there will be an off trail hike. A Bushwhack!

The trip. Saturday we will start backpacking from the woodland valley campground parking lot to the Terrace Mountain Leanto area to setup an overnight camp. Eat, chill and get really for a Sunday all day 3 peak challenge.

Sunday we begin a 3 high peak hike out and back to camp. We will ascend[masked] high peaks Wittenberg, Cornell and bushwhack to Friday Mountain.

Saturday: to Terrace Mountain Leanto 3.3miles
Sunday: Day Hike on the Borough Range trail from camp then bushwhack off trail to Friday Mtn 4 miles (8 miles roundtrip)

Monday morning back to cars after breakfast.

Hiking map, waypoints and routes: https://caltopo.com/m/5PE72

Total trip mileage ~15miles

You must have a sleep system to stay warm for winter camping at 2,345 feet in the Catskills Mountains.

******You assume all risk to yourself and your gear by attending this event******

No pets.

Catskills High Peak Winter Bushwhack to Slide Mountain via the South Face

Denning Road Trailhead

Don't know if this is doable there is no written internet post regarding this route so let's try and do it.

Slide Mountain stands at 4,190' and it is the highest peak in the Beautiful Catskills Mountains. It is ALWAYS trail hiked from either the west side (via Route 47) or the East side (via the Boroughs Range Trail) making it accessible to hikers and peak baggers of many levels.

If you have ever seen Slide Mtn from the perspective of the south (from Neversink River Valley) it feels like a different mountain. The southerly view makes the mountain seems taller, grander and a vision of sheer nature untouched. Its a sight few people experience. The South Side is where we begin our 1 peak adventure.

Have you seen the Catskills mountain East Branch Neversink River Valley? Its part of the Slide Mountain South Side. It holds the headwaters of the beautiful Neversink River. This valley is a long and trail-less valley surrounded by 7 Catskills High Peaks! It is a unique area of the Catskills. It is filled with wildlife. The valley has a single unmarked trail at its entrance that fades in and out along the river as you hike up to the rivers headwaters.

Thats where the weekend begins. This is an advanced trip. This is a difficult event. Only those with advanced winter experienced are permitted to attend.

Basic Plan - Bushwhack from the trail-less East Branch Neversink River Valley that borders the slopes of Slide Mountain and ascend to the Peak then hike down via a trail back to camp.

The Trip:

Day 1.
We meet at the Denning road trailhead at 8am. We will hike to the East Branch Neversink River Valley to a large primitive camping location under a pine tree grove that can be found only via GPS. There will be 2-3 stream crossings of unknown depth along the way to camp. The hike to camp is approximately 3 miles with 2 miles on trail and 1 mile off trail. This will be our weekend Basecamp.

We will leave camp promptly after setting up camp to hike to the top of Slide Mtn via the Neversink River Valley. This hike is ~3.5miles to the peak. It is bushwhack. We will descend via The Long Path back to the valley and our camp site. At camp we will eat, drink, and enjoy the firepit and celebrate our teamwork and accomplishment!

Map link: https://caltopo.com/m/282RU The exact camping location left out since we will locate a campsite on arrival.

Day 2 return to the cars after breakfast and a small morning fire to warm up.

Hike Conditions:

This is a winter trip and will require both winter camping skills and equipment along with winter off-trail peak bagging experience. THERE IS NO TRAIL UP! The trail we carve is up, up, up and up relentlessly to the top. There will be rocks, unseen potholes, possible puddles and streams, trees and bushes, snow, ice, slippery conditions everywhere, high angle ascents, cliffs to pathfind around, branches that can rip your clothes and smack your body. You can get bruised, poked, and fall just consider the possibilities. You will get hungry and thirsty. You will get sweaty! Your hands will get cold and your gloves may freeze. your feet might get wet and you will walk in wet boots. Yes so many possibilities.

We will hike this slowly and extremely carefully to make sure we all have to best experience. There will be no climbing. We will navigate around very difficult locations. What will you do if your water freezes and you have nothing to drink?

Camp Conditions:

Cold cold cold. How will you sleep warm and feed yourself and how will you stay warm? Yes there will be a fire.


HIKE MUST BRINGS. Map, whistle, winter boots, layer system of clothes to add or remove when hot or cold, gaiters, micro-spikes or trail crampons, wool hat, 2-3 pairs of gloves, hand warmers, 2-3 head lamps, extra batteries. Foods to eat in cold weather. 1-3 liters of unfrozen water for the duration of the hike. GOGGLES to protect you eyes are a non negotiable requirement and i will check for them at the trailhead. No goggles and you cannot bushwhack hike.

This is a teamwork event. No one will be left behind.

Answer the RSVP Q&A and you will be waitlisted. You will be moved to attending in the future after a review.


John F. Kennedy International Airport


Join me in this epic island. I've been there 3 times already.

Tourists are drawn to Iceland because of its stunning natural beauty. The landscape is nothing short of mystical. The scenary promises an endless series of snow-covered volcanoes, mountains and ice fields. With a rugged, “other-worldly” terrain, the Nordic icy views are like nothing you’ll see in the rest of the world.

And while there's no official record, estimates say there may be as many as 10,000 waterfalls in Iceland. Astonishing!

When you think of traveling around Iceland, you may not imagine doing it on a road trip. But Iceland drive ring are super popular. The 830-mile Ring Road circles the whole country and hits popular stops along the way. The best part of an Icelandic road trip is being able to stop whenever you find a landscape particularly breathtaking. In the summer the sun shines until midnight, leaving you will plenty of daylight to explore your surroundings.

We will be driving a 7 days ring around the island and stopping at 40 amazing landscape. (Not all stops are guaranteed). We will be hiking and camping as we go. This event is NO hotels! We will be car camping. You should have your own camping gears. You should have a reliable tent that can tolerate wind and rain! We will be in a campsite with facility with bathroom and kitchen. But I suggest you carry your own portable stove. The kitchen may get crowded? You may also carry your own food or you can buy food every day if needed at the gas station or the supermarket? Please you're only allowed to carry 1 backpack and 1 food bag. NO suitcase No extra Luggages in the Vehicle.

Camping is strictly forbidden outside of designated campsites in Iceland’s.

What to pack for Iceland? https://fullsuitcase.com/what-to-pack-iceland-summer/

Visa? For more info https://is.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/local-resources-of-u-s-citizens/visiting-iceland/

Not included: Airline , Drinks, Laundry Shower, Toilet, Blue Lagoon, Battery Charging and Secret lagoon.

What's Included: Van rental, Gas, Park entry fee, Parking fee , Camping fee and me. I will be the driver and the camera man. I am not history teacher lol. I will guide you safely to the epic areas. I will be recording and take pictures with my Sony iii camera , Drone and my insta360 x3. No extra charge.

Day 1...

  1. Land in Keflavík International Airport, 235 KEFLAVÍKURFLUGVÖLLUR, Keflavík, Iceland

  2. Get on the shuttle to rent car rental .

  3. Brúin milli heimsálfa, https://youtu.be/-khe6IY9bTM

  4. Gunnuhver Hot Springs https://youtu.be/s_HVsi4ZC3c

  5. Geldingardalur Volcano Hike. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CZLNAxgpgUI/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

  6. Blue Lagoon Iceland

  7. Gata Camping

Day 2...

  1. Thingvellir National Park https://youtu.be/oTLBt2vc2PE

  2. Kerid Crater https://youtu.be/HP5RBrkzQCU

  3. Strokkur https://youtu.be/mb59eF-FmA4

  4. Gullfoss Waterfalls https://youtu.be/mygH2EzTvu4

  5. Secret Lagoon Iceland https://youtu.be/BYCdeqYvoRs

  6. Hamragarðar Camping or Camping Selfoss

Day 3...

  1. Gljufrabui Waterfall https://youtu.be/8uOSNR7H7HA

  2. Seljalandsfoss Waterfall https://youtu.be/08bDlPrSp24

  3. Skógafoss Waterfall https://youtu.be/dRFyWqEJbvc

  4. Kvernufoss Waterfall https://www.instagram.com/reel/CZddDmFp5Cg/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

  5. Hamragarðar Camping

Day 4...

  1. Sólheimasandur Plane Wreck https://www.instagram.com/reel/CRHmgwJJECT/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

  2. Dyrhólaey https://youtu.be/463FBQVfw8E

  3. Reynisfjara útsýnisstaður https://youtu.be/n2Ekt12DoJg

  4. Hálsanefshellir Cave https://youtu.be/Bs2NdMQ-oRA

  5. Loftsalahellir Cave https://youtu.be/j7tAYBSpaxs

  6. Fjaðrárgljúfur https://www.instagram.com/reel/CYfUyOjJF1U/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

  7. Skaftafell Camping

Day 5...

  1. Svartifoss Waterfall https://youtu.be/Z0tZJazZg_I

  2. Svinafellsjokull https://youtu.be/3mnps82v67I

  3. Grófarlækjarfoss https://youtu.be/1O-2_54HBvM

  4. Diamond Beach https://www.instagram.com/reel/CYhgCICpI5K/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

  5. Jökulsárlón https://youtu.be/H0zE1xg3Dwc

  6. Camping Höfn

Day 6...

  1. Stuðlagil Canyon https://www.instagram.com/reel/CZU1sLRJZ7s/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

  2. Hengifoss https://youtu.be/AnZyQbrtKRY

  3. Skútustaðagígar https://youtu.be/kBQEXuIShYM

  4. Aldeyjarfoss https://youtu.be/35MxTUc4yzM

  5. Hvitserkur https://youtu.be/Q1jShUeIUrw

  6. Hvammstangi Campground

Day 7...

  1. Barnafossar https://youtu.be/CSus-s-582E

  2. Deildartunguhver https://youtu.be/CSus-s-582E

  3. ?

  4. Camp site Grindavik

Day 8...

  1. Fly Back!

Total price $1500
I will purchase my ticket on February 1st. After purchasing your ticket.
A deposit of $100 is required for size of Van or SUV that is needed? Balance will be due on departure or arrival in Iceland through Zelle or Cash!

The $100 is not refundable after Reserve the vehicle unless you are replaced with someone else.🙂