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Become A Certified Accelerated Light Divine Healing Practitioner
• What we'll do Learn How To Become An Accelerated Light Divine Healing Pain Practitioner Join Our 5 Week Accelerated Pain Healing Program To Help You: ~ Trust Your Intuitive Healing Gifts To Self-Heal ~ Turn On Your Telepathic Powers To See, Know, Feel And Hear The Voices & Feel The Presence Of Your Spirit Doctors And Medical Teams ~ Transmute Physical & Emotional Pain Into Peace & Ease In All Of Your Timelines, Lifetimes & Dimensions Each Week, You Will Receive Instruction, Guidance & Processes To Experience Radiant Health & Well-Being! Click Here for More Information and to Register: Vandana teleports you to the healing temples & sacred holy retreats to Meet & Greet Your 3D 4D & 5D: ~ Master Spirit Guide ~ Earth guides/Shamballah Guides From The Inner Earth ~ Akashic Teachers, Enlightened Ancestors & Ascended Masters ~ Solar Archangelic & Archeia (divine masculine & feminine guardians of light) You will learn how to become a Divine conduit for: ~ Your Medical Team Of Divine beings who have been with you in past incarnations and between lives ~ Angelic Hosts on high to lift your spirit & help you relax & trust you are never alone ~ Saints, Avatars, Holy Helpers & Enlightened Beings who have volunteered to intervene for your greatest good with your permission and consent ~ Cosmic Mother & Your Divine Parents ~ Loving, kind & compassionate ancestors to vibrationally support you You Will Receive Divine Protection From: ~ Negative Energies Or Energies From The Past ~ Random departed who just want to "talk" or hang out ~ Low vibration energies such as old thought forms ~ Earth bound spirits in your home or work place All you need is an open heart & a willingness to break free of ancestral patterns, body bondage and soul enslavement so you can In-JOY your body & your life! In Each Sacred Gathering, You Will Receive: ~ Healing Activations -Master Attunements -Sacred Healing Keys & Codes -Star Medicine To Upgrade Your Divine DNA The Spirit Doctors & Surgeons Wish To Gift You With: ~ Quantum Healing & Divine Downloads On How To Heal Imbalances & Align Misalignments In Your Bodies & Field ~ Sacred Star Medicine To To Nurture & Nourish Your Physical Body As It Shifts & Evolves Into A Divine Human ~ Experience The Highest Healing Outcomes For Your Mind, Body & Spirit Easily, Effortlessly & Non-Invasively Each Week, You Will Receive Galactic Guidance & Ancient Wisdom On How You Can Start To Feel Better & Recover Faster From: -Physical Pain -Emotional Imbalances -Spiritual Separation From Source -Mental Overwhelm -Past Life & Ancestral Karma The Divine Healing Intervention Team assists us to: -Receive Divine Inspiration -Feel Safe In Our Own Bodies Class Dates: February 1st, 8th, 15th, 21st & 28th, 2018 • What to bring • Important to know

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What we're about

Welcome Cosmic Traveler,

This Conscious Healing Community Is Designed To Awaken Your Soul Gifts, Remember Who You Are, & Activate Your Highest Potential In This Lifetime!

You are a divine creator & infinite star being! Your natural state of being is of ease, joy, & grace so let's get this party of consciousness started right here and right now:)

This meetup has expanded & evolved over the years & we are so grateful to all the Reiki Practitioners,, Master Teachers, Earth Angels, Shamans, Healers, Light Workers, Starseeds, & Luminous Light Weavers who attend our ongoing spiritual healing events & have supported us by attending our workshops & events.

It's time to shine our light even greater, vaster, & more brightly than ever before by introducing even more amazing offerings, services, & transformational tools to change anything that's no longer serving your highest good!

Not only can you learn & be attuned to Reiki, but you can also explore new healing modalities like Accelerated Light Healing, Multidimensional Chakra Alignment, Psychic Development Intuitive Training Classes, Sacred Journeys Meditations, Access Consciousness, Bars, Emotional Release Body Work, Ancestral Work, New & Full Moon Ceremonies, Shamanic Healing, Vortex Healing, Spiritual Film Screenings, Meet N Greets, Spiritual Retreats & More!

Since we're multidimensional beings, we can BE more than we ever allowed ourselves to be in past & play in the quantum field of infinite magical possibilities to live a more integrated life now & in the future.

My greatest desire & vision is to expand our conscious community here & in the surrounding boroughs, raise your vibration, feel supported, share our gifts & deepen our connections with our soul families & tribes.

You are never alone!

As our planet ascends, so do we & we require new & expansive conscious tools & energetic processes to elevate your awareness, enhance your psychic soul gifts, & remember who & what you are & why we've chosen to incarnate here at this time of the great planetary shift!

When you unlock blocks & let go of the old stories, programs, & limiting patterns you identified with in the past, you can experience your natural state of being which is to live life from the state of ease, joy, and glory.

No masks are required in the new earth & you get to bend this reality & create something far greater just by showing up and being YOU!

If you have a specific topic of interest you would like us to offer, please email me here.

When you heal yourself, you heal the planet.

Accelerated Light Blessings,

Vandana Atara Aura

Organizer Of NYC Reiki & Spiritual Healing Events Meetup


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