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Welcome to the official Amazon Web Services (AWS) Startup Founders NYC Meetup - built specifically for founders, entrepreneurs, and startup team members. Founded and organized by AWS employees that are part of the AWS Startups team, we'll explore the fundamentals of building and growing a successful startup.

From beer & pizza meetups to fireside chats to Ask the VC events, join us as we feature real-world founder stories, discuss business and technical breakthroughs, and provide you with the resources needed to help launch and grow your startup.

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Harnessing the Power of Payments on the Blockchain

Doors open @ 6PM for early networking + drinks ************************ There’s no shortage of ways to move cash from one place to another to pay for goods. But now with Blockchain, users are disrupting legacy platforms and this technology is offering speed, security, and efficiency to the world of payments. As blockchain steadily advances and reaches mainstream acceptance, what can startups do to prepare for this financial revolution? Join us for a discussion with startup leaders focused on the transaction environment. The panel will share how blockchain technology is providing long-awaited financial breakthroughs at both the enterprise-level and for startups. From microtransactions to mobile and cross-border payments, gain insights to the advantages and key considerations for startups that adopt this new financial infrastructure. Drinks + Networking to follow ************************ Speakers: Tammy Camp, Founder & CEO, Stronghold Max Krohn, Co-founder & CEO, Keybase

AWS Startup Day - New York

AWS Loft

Doors open @ 9AM for early networking + breakfast ************************ AWS Startup Day is designed for people who are ready to take an idea and turn it into a company - not just a product. If you are still in the idea stage, Startup Day will help you test and validate that idea. For those who have already taken an initial swing at building a company, you’ll hear how to take it to the next level. At AWS Startup Day, you'll learn from AWS experts, VC's, and your fellow startups about how to go from that initial intellectual spark to MVP, and what it takes to land seed funding. You'll get a glimpse into the challenges you'll face early on, along with the do's and don'ts. Startup Day is also an opportunity to meet your people, the other builders in your backyard, to share ideas, founder hacks, and the inspiring moments that keep everyone sprinting forward. See the speaker list and more details at: https://awsstartupdaynewyork2019.splashthat.com/

How to Succeed on Mobile: Growth Strategies from HQ Trivia

Doors open @ 6PM for early networking + drinks ************************ James Ruben, Director of Product at HQ Trivia, will share how they scaled HQ Trivia from a prototype to an international entertainment network played by tens of millions of users. He’ll discuss the tools they’ve been able to leverage to drive adoption and enhance the customer experience – along with the challenges they've faced along the way. James will also discuss the importance of building a great team, ongoing product development, and how they’re able to add new products – like HQ Words and HQ Sports, to their league of live, interactive mobile shows. Learn best practices for building live-streaming mobile consumer technology on a global scale as well as the considerations startups should make early on to set their product on a path to success. Drinks + Networking to follow ************************ Speakers: James Ruben, Director of Product, HQ Trivia

Avoid Startup Burnout: Creating a Mindful Remote Culture

Doors open @ 6PM for early networking + drinks ************************ Running a startup at 100 mph can be an exciting ride. It can also create a high intensity and extreme pressure environment that introduces stress, isolation for distributed teams, and exhaust founders. Understanding that a successful startup depends on retaining talented and happy people – how can founders create a culture of mindfulness, inclusion, and not burnout? Our startup founder panel sits down with Stewart Aslop, host of the Crazy Wisdom podcast, to discuss the relationship between building a startup and the unrelenting stress it can cause on remote workforces. From meditation apps to 20-min virtual coffee chats, the panel will share how getting creative and instilling a mindful culture can break down silos with remote teams, promote employee well-being, and boost engagement. The panel will also share lessons learned from their journey to a high-growth startup, tips on staying motivated, and how to stay sane in a not always sane environment. Drinks + Networking to follow ************************ Speakers: Natalie Nagele, Co-founder and CEO, Wildbit Amina AlTai, Founder and Startup Advisor Stewart Aslop III, Podcast Host, Crazy Wisdom

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