What we're about

NYC Vegans is for vegans, vegetarians and aspiring vegans. When we eat together as a group, we eat 100% vegan.

We're the little sister group to our 16,000-member big sibling group, The New York City Vegetarian & Vegan Meetup.

Here is what makes our smaller group unique:

* We've added a distinctly Brooklyn focus to our group. Whether it's picnics in Prospect Park, fireworks in Coney Island, hanging out in beautiful Brooklyn Bridge Park, or going to Brooklyn's amazing vegetarian restaurants, we'll be hosting events in Brooklyn year-round.

* We still love Manhattan. We're going to be painting the town red, as small groups of us go bar-hopping among Manhattan's top bars and lounges.

* Except for a couple of large outdoor events we host in the summer, we'll almost always be doing small events. Our group will continue its tradition of hosting dinners at Manhattan's best small vegan restaurants.

* I love the water. Many of our events will be next to (and on) rivers, bays, lakes, and the Atlantic Ocean.

* Expect to hear music, see plays, attend cultural events, go dancing, go drinking and clubbing, and generally do the unexpected, the exciting, the elegant, the relaxing and the beautiful.

* While this is primarily a social group, we will sometimes engage in vegan activism and animal rights activism.

This group is specifically meant for people who are "socially conscious" and also very nice. We're that friendly "do-gooder" type of vegan. :) We're good-natured and compassionate, AND we like to have a good time. :)

Whether you're interested in our Manhattan vegan restaurant dinners, our outdoor and waterside adventures, our Manhattan nightlife, music, and cultural escapades, or our Brooklyn events, we invite you to join us for any or all of the above. Being vegan only adds to our fun in the cultural and entertainment capital of the world.

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