What we're about

NYC Vegans is for vegans, vegetarians and aspiring vegans. When we eat together as a group, we eat 100% vegan.

We're the little sister group to our 14,000-member big sibling group, The New York City Vegetarian & Vegan Meetup.

Here is what makes our smaller group unique:

* We've added a distinctly Brooklyn focus to our group. Whether it's picnics in Prospect Park, fireworks in Coney Island, hanging out in beautiful Brooklyn Bridge Park, or going to Brooklyn's amazing vegetarian restaurants, we'll be hosting events in Brooklyn year-round.

* We still love Manhattan. We're going to be painting the town red, as small groups of us go bar-hopping among Manhattan's top bars and lounges.

* Except for a couple of large outdoor events we host in the summer, we'll almost always be doing small events. Our group will continue its tradition of hosting dinners at Manhattan's best small vegan restaurants.

* I love the water. Many of our events will be next to (and on) rivers, bays, lakes, and the Atlantic Ocean.

* Expect to hear music, see plays, attend cultural events, go dancing, go drinking and clubbing, and generally do the unexpected, the exciting, the elegant, the relaxing and the beautiful.

* While this is primarily a social group, we will sometimes engage in vegan activism and animal rights activism.

This group is specifically meant for people who are "socially conscious" and also very nice. We're that friendly "do-gooder" type of vegan. :) We're good-natured and compassionate, AND we like to have a good time. :)

Whether you're interested in our Manhattan vegan restaurant dinners, our outdoor and waterside adventures, our Manhattan nightlife, music, and cultural escapades, or our Brooklyn events, we invite you to join us for any or all of the above. Being vegan only adds to our fun in the cultural and entertainment capital of the world.

Upcoming events (2)

Vegan Crepes + Teas (and More!) at Little Choc Apothecary in Williamsburg

**Come at 7:00pm We're headed to Williamsburg to visit the very first vegan creperie in New York City, Little Choc Apothecary! We've come to try this place and loved it, so please come join us! Little Choc Apothecary owner Julia Kravetz's goal is to make healthy, cruelty-free food delicious, and more readily available to an ever-growing community of conscious eaters, and anything-goes foodies alike. From Little Choc Apothecary: "We like pure food, and want you to feel good about anything you get from Little Choc Apothecary. ​To make sure we know exactly what goes into our ingredients, we make as many things as we can ourselves. Our homemade items include coconut and almond milks, cashew cheese, seitan, coconut bacon, Newtella (hazelnut chocolate spread), raw cherry chia jam, as well as all sauces, and syrups. The things we cannot make in-house, we source from high quality, reputable sources, and make sure to read ingredient labels carefully. We do organic whenever possible, choose fair trade when the option presents itself, avoid GMOs, and anything with gums, or other unnatural binders and thickeners. " Their crepe batter is vegan and gluten-free! Their sweet crepes are $9.50 with two toppings such as homemade hazelnut spread, homemade caramel sauce, homemade chia jam and more. They have a variety of savory crepes such as Room For Mushroom (herb roasted mushrooms, spinach, walnuts, tahini basil sauce) for $12 or The Masala (pumpkin, curried bean tempeh, sliced almonds) for $13. They have a tremendous selections of teas and apothecaries! Teas range from Gunpowder, Matcha, Assam, Ceylon, Russian Caravan, Pu'Erh, Masala Chai, Hot Choconut and more. The specially crafted medicinal blends range from Golden Power (tumeric root, orange peel, ginger, black pepper and cardamon), Cleanse (senna, fennal, dandelian and peppermint) to Aphrodi-tea (Hyssop, ginger, thyme and black pepper). Edible Brooklyn: "Herbivores take note, Brooklyn is now boasting its first 'fully vegan crèperie.' Little Choc Apothecary .... in addition to a tantalizing selection of sweet and savory crèpes, is dishing out homemade baked goods, house-blended teas and fresh juices galore. It’s the creative work of Ukrainian-born and Brooklyn-raised proprietor Julia Kravetz, whose former modeling career led to a study of nutrition and consequent veganism; she soon found herself daydreaming in a Parisian café, as one will do, of starting up a crèperie of her own back in Brooklyn. Much planning and one Kickstarter later—and voilà. Kravetz graces all aspects of the venue with her artisanal touch, from the raw chic design to the housemade baked goods, luscious coconut and almond milks and house-blended teas, a number of which come in medicinal combinations designed to heal, soothe, enervate, detox or stimulate as needed... " BKMG: "... The shop is cute as can be with and open storefront on the bottom level for prime hipster watching and a few rows of tables up top if you're more in the mood for a good long catch up... Even their menu is an adorable repurposed book cover." BKMG: "They look and smell so good and have such a chewy texture, I actually had to double check and make sure they were gluten free... My favorite was 'The Burrito'. That's right, you read that correctly, The Burrito. It's another crepe from the savory list that is filled with avocado, coconut bacon, black beans, homemade chipotle hot sauce, homemade cashew cheese ... I promise you it is worth all the struggles of a weekend trip on the G train. " Listed as one of the Best Vegan Restaurants in Brooklyn by Brooklyn Patch. "This charming spot offers an enticing menu of crepes with both sweet and savory fillings. If you want a sweet crepe, you can choose from a list of fillings that includes fruit, nuts and various sauces. For a savory crepe, you'll select from a pre-set list including a burrito crepe, a seitan and kale crepe, a pizza crepe and a tofu scramble crepe... Little Choc earns extra points for offering a coconut milk as a creamer for its quality ice coffee. It's an option that's too often overlooked, even at vegan joints." For those of you who have never attended one of our Meetup events: this is an incredibly friendly & welcoming group. It will be easy to find our group: just go upstairs. Most of the people in the restaurant will be in our large group. Everyone pays for their own meal. Easy! Nearest Trains: (L) to Bedford Ave, (G) to Metropolitan, (J) (M) (Z) to Marcy Ave, Looking forward to seeing all of you for a delicious dinner with our wonderful vegan members. Eddie

Vegans Got Talent: Call for Submissions
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Due to popular demand and a wildly successful first run, we're putting together another talent show! This time, we're raising funds for The Beagle Freedom Project (http://beaglefreedomproject.org/), an incredible nonprofit which rescues and finds homes for beagles used in laboratory research. Last month, dozens of dogs took their first steps outdoors after being freed from animal testing in Spain. We're looking for talents of all kinds, whether you're a singer, pole dancer, ventriloquist... we want you in the show! There is an entry fee of $10 per person to participate. The winner(s) will be crowned Vegan Idol and will win an amazing prize, to be announced. Please submit materials to [masked]. Materials should be videos or recordings similar to what you will be performing. The deadline for all submissions is February 28th, no exceptions! 100% of proceeds from participants and audience members will be donated to The Beagle Freedom Project.

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