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Brooklyn Bridge Park Tour and Night Picnic
Have you ever been to Brooklyn Bridge Park? It's the best new thing in New York City! Join us for a Brooklyn Bridge Park Tour and Nighttime Picnic! Some people say that New York City's "best new thing" -- in terms of grand public projects that physically enhance the city, typically a public park -- is the new Highline Park. I happen to love the Highline, and have financially supported it. But as amazing as the Highline is, I know something even better: the new Brooklyn Bridge Park. 85 acres in total and spanning the Brooklyn East River waterfront from Manhattan Bridge to Brooklyn Bridge to the entire length of the Brooklyn Heights Promenade (underneath the promenade, directly on the East River), this exquisite new park has won awards for its stunning landscape design. Moreover, and most of all, the views of Manhattan and the East River are beautiful, breathtaking, and unmatchable. And in the midst of it all, there are many wonderful amenities: Jane's Carousel -- built in what looks like a massive glass jewel box; bars and eateries; pools and pop-up pools; a marina; sports and soccer fields built out on piers; extensive free music and movie programming; and much more. But most of all, when you are standing and sitting at night, on the magnificent new esplanade by the East River, with the dramatically beautiful backdrop of lower Manhattan, you'll be transported in a way that nothing else in New York can match. Plus, there's a fascinating and fun foot bridge that is "bouncy" and "zig-zagging." Built with mountain bridge technology, the new Squibb Park Bridge connects the Brooklyn Heights Promenade to Brooklyn Bridge Park. This foot bridge is one-of-a-kind in New York City, and offers additional exquisite views of the East River and Manhattan. About Brooklyn Bridge Park and its 30-Year History (from The Sixth Borough - Redefining Brooklyn's Waterfront ( It all started in 1984, when the non-for–profit organization Friends of the Fulton Ferry Landing, which later became the Brooklyn Bridge Park Coalition and finally the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy, was created to prevent the sale of the piers for commercial use. The idea of a park stretching along Brooklyn Heights’ post-industrial waterfront was born. This community group subsequently sprouted a specialized off-shoot in 1998, the Downtown Brooklyn Waterfront Local Development Corporation, to lead the public planning process for this future waterfront park. It would take two decades before this dream could become reality. Over the next 15 years, a wide variety of actors would be part of the planning process, including “the city administration, the Port Authority, community boards, elected officials, recreational groups, transportation agencies, city wide civic organizations, local business associations, and residents”. Inauguration of the park’s development was ratified on 2 May 2002. New York State Governor George Pataki and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed a first Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”), whereby they “agreed to bring the vision of a sustainable public park to fruition in a cooperative manner as set forth [by legal requirements and conditions as outlined] in the Memorandum”. Between 2004 and 2008, teams of acclaimed architects and landscape architects, lighting designers, acoustical engineers, marine and structural engineers, environmental consultants, irrigation consultants, soil scientists, storm water specialists, and construction companies worked hand-in-hand, led by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, for the NY State Urban Development Corp., the Empire State Development Corp., and the BBP Development Corp. to create a general project plan. The plan was proposed and adopted in 2005, and subsequently modified in 2006 and 2010. All six piers have specific uses and their designs are tailored accordingly. Pier 1, which is 9.5 acres large, offers amenities targeting all age groups. It offers a combination of spaces for recreational, leisurely and cultural use: a playground for children, two lawns, running and biking paths, a promenade with various seating options offering breathtaking views of Manhattan’s skyline, and large open-air spaces to host public events on the two lawns, such as outdoor movie screenings during summer months. This first section of the park opened in March 2010. A small pedestrian bridge, the Squibb Park Bridge, designed by acclaimed structural engineer Ted Zoli of HNTB, connects Pier 1 and Brooklyn Heights. Proposed in 2009, the bridge was built over a period of two years and opened in 2012. It serves as a pedestrian walkway connecting the lower-lying park area with the higher-lying community of Brooklyn Heights; in itself, it is a beautiful, suspended message of sustainability in its purpose, design, and use of industrial and natural materials. Where to Meet: We will meet right on the corner of York Street & Jay Street, directly above the F Train's York Street stop. Take the F Train to York Street, then exit towards the front of the train. Then continue out, in the same direction, towards the front of the station. There is only one exit at the front of the station, and it leads directly to the corner of York Street & Jay Street. I will be holding a "MEETUP" sign on the corner, and you will see a crowd of people. Please arrive between 7:00pm and 7:15pm. Plan to be there before 7:00pm in case the trains are late, just so you don't miss us. What to Bring: (Food and Water) This is both a tour and a picnic. Bring food and water for yourself to eat and drink. If you'd like to bring food to share with others, you may, but there is no need to. Any food you bring must be vegan, even if you yourself are not 100% vegan. (This is an event of the NYC Vegans Meetup, and that is part of what we do -- eat vegan food together.) Also, any sharing of food is at your own discretion. Be aware that not everyone may have the same diet as you. We'll be stopping and eating at more than one spot, and my suggestion is to bring a good quantity of food and water for yourself -- perhaps one-and-a-half times your normal dinner size. I have been having such wonderful nights at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Both the park, and the river views, are magnificent sights to behold, especially at night. I hope you can join us for this beautiful park tour and nighttime picnic by the water. David

York Street "F" Train Subway Stop Entrance

Above Ground - Corner of York St. & Jay St. · Brooklyn, NY

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