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Making Extra Great Slides with xaringan, xaringanthemer and xaringanExtra

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Making Extra Great Slides with xaringan, xaringanthemer and xaringanExtra


This month we look at the xaringan presentation ecosystem.

Thank you to EcoHealth Alliance for providing the Zoom link.

Conversations during the meetup are encouraged in the monthly-meetup-chat channel in the nyhackr slack.

About the Talk:
The xaringan package by Yihui Xie lets R users and R Markdown authors easily blend data, text, plots and htmlwidgets into beautiful HTML presentations that look great on the web, in print, and on screens. In addition to demonstrating how to go from R Markdown to web-based slides with xaringan, in this talk I'll show you how to completely customize the appearance of your slides with xaringanthemer, a package that lets you quickly create a complete slide theme from only a few color choices. Then we'll go beyond appearances with a variety of addins and extensions from the xaringanExtra package, including: a tiled slide overview, editable slides, embedded webcam videos, tabbed panels, extra styles, shareable and embeddable slides, animations, and real time slide broadcasting.

About Garrick:
Garrick Aden-Buie is a Data Science Educator at RStudio and lives in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida. His passion is to combine creative coding with programming education, using code to build tools that teach coding to new and advanced R users alike. Like tidyexplain: a project that used ggplot2 and gganimate to reimagine database operations as colorful flying boxes instead of the typical Venn diagrams. Garrick has developed a number of open source addins and packages for RStudio—such as regexplain, shrtcts and rsthemes—and is always easily distracted by projects that combine R Markdown and online learning or teaching.

The talk will begin at 7 PM EST and we will start admitting people to the event shortly before. Since this is completely remote there will be no pizza but everyone is encouraged to have pizza individually.

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