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reprex-How Reproducible Examples are the Secret to Faster Learning & Faster Code

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reprex-How Reproducible Examples are the Secret to Faster Learning & Faster Code


We're going fully virtual again this month with veteran speaker JD Long.

After the talk we will give away a free ticket (either virtual or in-person) to an attendee at random for the R in Government & Public Sector Conference taking place November 30 - December 2. Members of the meetup can use code nyhackr for 20% off tickets.

Thank you to EcoHealth Alliance for providing the Zoom link.

Conversations during the meetup are encouraged in the monthly-meetup-chat channel in the nyhackr slack.

About the Talk:
Many R users have run into the idea of a reproducible example (reprex) on Stack Overflow or other online communities. JD Long will present on the use case for a reprex and how a reprex is also a critical concept for improving performance, clarifying team understanding, and producing better code. This presentation will build a reprex from the ground up for those who have never seen the process, but then will discuss use cases for reprexes that expand the concept beyond the trivial.

About JD:
JD Long is co-author of The R Cookbook 2nd Edition and founder of the Chicago R User group. His day job is helping to build risk solutions at a global reinsurance company which involves using a suite of tools that include not only R but also Python, and a host of AWS tooling. JD lived in the NYC area for a number of years and now lives in Richmond, Virginia with his wife, daughter, and dog.

The talk will begin at 7 PM America/New_York and we will start admitting people to the event shortly before. Since this is completely remote there will be no pizza but everyone is encouraged to have pizza individually.

New York Open Statistical Programming Meetup
New York Open Statistical Programming Meetup
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