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NYLUG.org is New York's Linux Users Group supporting all things Linux and Open Source in the greater New York area. Members are Linux enthusiasts who come to the meetings and installfests, subscribe to a mailing list, and/or participate in keysignings and other NYLUG events. Meetings are free and open to the public (RSVP usually required). Meetings will usually (but not always) take place the second Thursday of the month starting at 6:30pm. Meetings are announced on the NYLUG-Announce mailing list as soon as they are scheduled. All meetings are free and open to the public, but you should put yourself on the RSVP list for your convenience and ours. Our programming Workshop takes place every other Tuesday at the NY Public Library, Hudson Park Branch. You can see the schedule here by checking its calendar. Please, feel free to contact us at info@nylug.org, if you have any questions about NYLUG.org.

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NYLUG Open Hacker Hours

New York University Silver Center for Arts and Science

You're invited to hack along with the New York Linux Users Group! We are very kindly hosted by the New York Amatuer Computer Club (http://nyacc.org/) which meets at NYU. Please have a government issued form of ID with you. This is a peer-supported workshop where we get together to share current challenges and approaches to solving problems or to just work alongside like-minded individuals and learn through osmosis. This event is NOT a lecture-style meeting. The agenda is generally set when someone poses a question, so bring questions! Some topics up for discussion are: • Install and configuration assistance • Documentation, standards, and best practices • Current events/Conventions • Release testing and bug reporting • Getting started with languages like Python and LaTeX • -Other projects (Pi/Arduino/Analog devices) We will also have brief (approx. 5-10 minute) lightning talks, so please speak with a coordinator if you're interested in sharing some of your work. A laptop is not required but strongly recommended. Bring a project, topic, and questions and work with other enthusiasts on using Linux or get assistance with your own Linux/Open Source projects. Geeks are more sociable solving problems rather then just talking about themselves.

Introduction to HashiCorp Vault

Two Sigma Investments 23rd floor

Armon Dadgar -on- Introduction to HashiCorp Vault Secret data is everywhere, from database credentials, TLS certificates, API tokens, to encryption keys. Managing secrets is a difficult challenge, but HashiCorp Vault provides an answer. In this talk, we discuss the challenges in secret management, provide an overview of Vault, and discuss how Vault is operationalized and used in the real world. Links: -------------- * Vault: https://www.vaultproject.io * Twitter: https://twitter.com/armon * LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/armon-dadgar/ Afterwards: --------------- Join us afterwards at the Cupping Room Cafe where we'll continue the discussion over drinks and/or food. The Cupping Room Cafe is located at 359 W Broadway, two blocks from the venue. Speaker Bio: ----------------- Armon (@armon) has a passion for distributed systems and their application to real-world problems. He is a founder and CTO of HashiCorp, where he brings distributed systems into the world of DevOps tooling. He has worked on Nomad, Vault, Terraform, Consul, and Serf at HashiCorp, and maintains the Statsite and Bloomd OSS projects.

ZFS on Linux

Two Sigma Investments 23rd floor

Paul Zuchowski -on- ZFS on Linux File systems are not launched on a regular basis. Though ZFS was first shipped in 2005 on Solaris, it has been ported to Linux and enhanced over the years. Learn about the original design principles and must have features that make ZFS the go-to file system for so many applications. Links: -------------- https://zfsonlinux.org http://zfs.datto.com Afterwards: --------------- Join us afterwards at the Cupping Room Cafe where we'll continue the discussion over drinks and/or food. The Cupping Room Cafe is located at 359 W Broadway, two blocks from the venue. Speaker Bio: ----------------- Paul Zuchowski is a Senior Software Engineer at Datto, Inc. working on their ZFS Team. Previously Principal Engineer at Oracle and GreenBytes, and VP of Engineering at Heartlab. https://www.linkedin.com/in/paul-zuchowski-9485227/

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Resource Control @ Facebook

Two Sigma Investments 23rd floor

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