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NYLUG.org is New York's Linux Users Group supporting all things Linux and Open Source in the greater New York area. Members are Linux enthusiasts who come to the meetings and installfests, subscribe to a mailing list, and/or participate in keysignings and other NYLUG events. Meetings are free and open to the public (RSVP usually required). Meetings will usually (but not always) take place the second Thursday of the month starting at 6:30pm. Meetings are announced on the NYLUG-Announce mailing list as soon as they are scheduled. All meetings are free and open to the public, but you should put yourself on the RSVP list for your convenience and ours. Our programming Workshop takes place every other Tuesday at the NY Public Library, Hudson Park Branch. You can see the schedule here by checking its calendar. Please, feel free to contact us at info@nylug.org, if you have any questions about NYLUG.org.

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The Future of the Ansible Ecosystem


Tim Appnel -on- The Future of the Ansible Ecosystem Ansible is a simple, powerful and agentless automation tool has accomplished a lot since February 2012 when the first commit was made. Here we will review the architectural and community factors that contributed to its accomplishments and the challenges that it must now address. Tim will cover how Ansible is being evolved over the coming years into a platform and then demo some of the new features that have begun to emerge in recent releases. A great chance to discuss and give feedback. Lightning Talk: Building Kubernetes Operators in an Ansible-native way A Kubernetes Operator is a method of packaging, deploying and automating the day-1 and day-2 management activities in a Kubernetes cluster. Learn how you can utilize existing Ansible skills and ecosystem to implement Operators and dynamically manage your K8s applications. ** DOORS OPEN AT 6 ** Links: -------- http://ansible.com/ http://ansible.com/operators Afterwards: --------------- Join us afterwards at the Cupping Room Cafe where we'll continue the discussion over drinks and/or food. The Cupping Room Cafe is located at 359 W Broadway, two blocks from the venue. Speaker Bio: ----------------- Timothy Appnel is a Senior Product Manager, product evangelist and "Jack of all trades" on the Ansible team at Red Hat. Tim is an old-timer in the Ansible community that has been contributing since version v0.5. The synchronize module in Ansible is all his fault.

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Kubernetes: From Start to Finish Production


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