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SDN: how Open Source Software is fundamentally changing computer networking

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Senad Palislamovic

SDN: how Open Source Software is fundamentally changing computer networking
Note: WE ARE MEETING AT BLOOMBERG!! We'll need names, and you will need IDs. RSVP will open Aug 6, 2014, Wednesday 4:30pm.
I'm sure you've heard by now, that Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a new approach to networking that brings the power and flexibility of software to networking.
So what does that mean? Why does it matter? Why should you care about it?
While there are many definitions of SDN, Senad will review the original goals of SDN, explain how we got to where we are today, and point to where we are going tomorrow. This includes SDN's current and future impact on IT shops, sysadmins, developers and the devops community.
In addition, Senad will cover how Open Source Software is making this all possible, and will share his knowledge and thoughts on the various Open Source SDN projects, and how to get involved in these Open Source projects.
Although, deep networking knowledge is not required, some understanding of Ethernet, VLANs, TCP/IP is beneficial to gain full understanding of the material.
Join us afterwards at Bloom's Tavern where we'll continue the discussion over drinks and/or food. Bloom's Tavern is located at 208 E 58th St, between 2nd at 3rd.
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Speaker Bio:
Senad Palislamovic is a technical leader at an SDN startup and has ~20 years of networking experience in all aspects of networking. He has run the gamut from being a sysadmin, to managing LANs, architecting WANs and most recently focusing on SDN. Senad is active in several IETF working groups and networking standards bodies, mostly focused on BGP and MPLS standards. In his past life, he was also involved in the birthing of several JUNOS and MPLS books. He currently works as technical director at SDN startup Nuage Networks.