Sneaking in Nix: Building Production Containers with Nix


Graham Christensen
Sneaking in Nix: Building Production Containers with Nix

Graham will be talking about how Nix and Docker differently model the relationships between software.

Nix is a package manager and build tool. Its design automatically provides for reproducible builds and dev-prod parity. Nix's dependency model automatically and efficiently generates OCI-compatible containers with only the required run-time dependencies. Without alpine, or FROM scratch, while also reducing rebuild and test time.

These containers seamlessly integrate with existing container-based deployment workflows, while bringing the reproducibility and traceability benefits of Nix.


Join us afterwards at the Cupping Room Cafe where we'll continue the discussion over drinks and/or food. The Cupping Room Cafe is located at 359 W Broadway, two blocks from the venue.

Speaker Bio:
Graham Christensen is part of the NixOS Foundation's Infrastructure and Security teams, and works on the Nix ecosystem for He believes in artifact-based, immutable infrastructure from the bottom up, and that to build an apple pie from scratch you must first rebuild your bootstrapping compiler.