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Welcome to the OHA! We are an activities group that focuses on outdoor activities, especially hiking. Hawaii offers beautiful views, year-long tropical weather, and the friendliest people on earth. From below sea level to the highest peak on Oahu, we plan to venture throughout this island, leaving no stone unturned, and capture awe-striking views from all angles. We all aim to explore, experience, and cherish everything available to us on this island and make our stay here, whether temporary or permanent extraordinarily memorable. Come on out, soak in the sunshine, feel the breeze, work up a sweat, take in the views, and make lifelong friends with the OHA.

The Event Organizers are also members who have graciously stepped forward to host events and share their experiences with newer members. They contribute their time to plan, coordinate, and host to the best of their ability to make these events as enjoyable as possible; they are not paid for any of their services. They are trusted members and have earned the respect of all who’ve ventured with them. With that said, please treat them with respect and understand that there will be mistakes, and situations outside their control, especially the weather conditions and any unforeseen changes. We all want to have fun, and at the end of the day we will.

Membership fees are not currently collected. We raise funds from time to time through voluntary donations during hikes scheduled for that purpose. The donations collected will be used for but not limited to semi-annual payments to the Meetup website, additional items for the safety of hikers, maintenance of trails, and occasional BBQs for members. All expenditures will be for the betterment of the group, managed by the Organizer and Assistant Organizers, and documented for accounting purposes.

Basic Rules:

- - You must be at least 18 years of age to be a member of this group. Children are not allowed to participate in any of our activities without adult supervision.

- - Members are allowed to sponsor guests, but the guests must understand that they are subject to the same rules that apply to all members.

- - Safety is our highest priority, however, our adventures are not danger proof. Anyone who joins us are responsible for their own safety; they should read the event descriptions thoroughly, have proper equipment for the event, and heed all the warnings prior to signing up for the event.

- - Membership fees (if charged in the future) are solely for the purpose of maintaining the group, and do not provide any medical coverage or insurance for its members.

- - Members are highly encouraged to share pictures of their experiences on the Group site. All pictures are the sole property of the author and must not be abused or exploited. Please do not post any picture that will violate ethical, moral, or legal stature. If questionable, please omit. Violators will be removed from the group.

- - Treat everyone with respect; we are all here to have fun so please leave the drama at home. Harassment is unacceptable and may result in legal and lawful actions against the perpetrator.

- - This is not a hook-up group; if you are looking for a dating venue, this is not it. We are all here to seek adventure, enjoy the outdoors, and be amongst friends; if you have a different agenda, please join another group.

Disclaimer: The OHA is a resource where like-minded people use to come together and participate in an adventure. It will not be held responsible for anything that occurs within its events, to include liability for any loss or damages, legal fees, medical costs, injuries or death. Each person who participates in any event accepts responsibility for his/her own safety, conduct, and well-being.

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Thursday Night Pau Hana Hike

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Thursday Night Pau Hana Hike

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Ka’au Crater Hike [Intermediate/Advanced]

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