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What we’re about

This group is for like-minded people who are on their new spiritual journey learning to open up to spirit and pass on messages (mediumship) to loved ones still here, proving that life goes on with loving, validating messages. I would like to get small groups of mediums-in-training (M.I.T.) who will help each other to build confidence, encouragement and to practise, practise, practise giving loving messages.

Our meet up is blessed to have people from many walks of life join us.  We deeply honour and respect the rich diversity that makes up our membership. Our commitment to each other's spiritual journey also requires that we treat each other with the great respect. Therefore, at MIT, each member is asked to engage with others in the group in a respectful manner, and never use any form of discrimination, abuse or harassment in the space. We thank you for your adherence to this requirement. Together, we will create a rich learning environment in which each person can flourish and grow on their spiritual journey.