What we're about

We're a group focused on all things Bitcoin. All experience levels welcome, whether you're new and curious or have been in the scene for years.

We meet regularly for casual discussions and presentations on topics like the protocol and software, economics, trading, storage techniques, investing, and mining.

Come out to meet, learn from, and share ideas with fellow Bitcoiners!

Note that we are not a "blockchain" or "cryptocurrency" group. There are plenty of those around OC. We're Bitcoiners here to talk Bitcoin.

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Online Privacy Tools: Prerequisites for non-KYC Bitcoin

Tony’s Original Deli & Bottle Shop

Welcome to a short series of workshops. Last week we covered Running a Bitcoin Full Node. This week we cover Online Privacy Tools: Prerequisites for non-KYC Bitcoin.

These are voluntary and will start at 7pm. The workshops will go for about 30 minutes. We will have a sectioned off portion of the venue for those that are interested. Anyone who opts out will be able to continue the casual meet-up at the other tables of the venue.

In the following weeks we will discuss Buying Non-KYC Bitcoin (i.e., Bisq and Bitcoin ATMs), best mobile wallets, cold-storage, lighting, etc. These are not listed in any particular order.

June 17, 2021 Agenda:
- Downloading and using Tor
- VPNs
- Using throwaway emails
- Using throwaway phone numbers

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Running a bitcoin full node

Tony’s Original Deli & Bottle Shop

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