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The Below is from OC WEEKLY:

The BEST NON-DENOMINATIONAL GROUP MEDITATION SESSION Pranic Healing and Meditation With Daniel O'Hara Unity of Tustin It's nice to go to a quiet church and be able to give thanks to Buddha, Jesus and all other "sentient beings."

It's nice to feel like no one religion is better than another, to sit around with a bunch of strangers and do a little laughing yoga before settling into a discursive meditation session. This is what Daniel O'Hara's Thursday-night meditations at Unity of Tustin are like. If the stars are out, then the group meditation might park itself outside, a trickling fountain echoing in the background. For an hour every week, O'Hara, a pranic (energy) healer, gathers his group and leads it through tunnels of light and bursts of color in an imaginative, ancient effort to shut out all that noise we ride around with in our cars every day. It works.

After the meditation, O'Hara and a handful of other pranic healers provide free, short energy-cleansing sessions. Before you write it off as hokey, New Agey stuff, try it out. It's free. Afterward, you'll drive home feeling tingly and praising the Lord, Allah, the trees and O'Hara just the same. Every Thursday night we meet at 7:30pm for two or three dynamic and blissfully, powerful meditations.   We have a dozen different Meditation Theme Nights that rotate.  Each Theme night is synergistically designed to leave you empowered physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually!

THERE USUALLY ARE OVER  50 PEOPLE AT EACH EVENT.  The event is by love offering and you'll learn new ways to increase your energy, improve your mental clarity, enhance your relationships and career.

A friendly and welcoming atmosphere is waiting for you on Thursday evenings from 7:30 - 9:00pm at Unity Church in Tustin.

See you at 14402 Prospect Avenue, Tustin, CA 92780. This group is not connected to the Unity Tustin Church, they kindly allow us to use their facilities. Come early and take a stroll through the powerful yet peaceful meditation gardens.

You are sure to leave this group event with a wonderful calm energy surrounding you; energizing you for the week. Supercharge your spiritual growth with all the support you require. Namaste, Daniel