C2Rust - Rewrite all the things!

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Rust is well on its way to world domination. To get there, however, we have to use C less and less. For the better part of two years, we have been working on a framework to speed up migration. We are now able to take an entire C project and output an equivalent Rust project that you can simply `cargo build`. Getting buildable Rust code is only half the battle, though, since the converted code still uses C’isms rather than the types and APIs that give Rust most of its superpowers. To this end, we’re building a scriptable refactoring engine that will help you get to the promised land with as little drudgery as possible.

If you attend this talk, you can expect to learn a whole lot about what the C2Rust project can do for your C code today, and lots more about where we will go from here. Specifically, we’ll show a few C projects that we’ve translated into Rust and how to get started on your own migration projects. The C2Rust tools are fully open source and freely available; we hope you’ll give them a whirl and help us make them even better.