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What we’re about

At Oceanblue Divers we offer:

  • Training from from basic open water to instructor with experienced instructors.
  • Travel to the best dive destinations on the planet, and
  • A vibrant social network of divers with monthly social events, local diving and more!

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What is Oceanblue Divers all about? Here's our story!

At Oceanblue Divers we aim to be scuba diving central. We offer basic diving classes and advanced training, social events where you can meet other divers and be part of our community, and group and custom travel opportunities worldwide.

  • Courses run regularly from basic all the way up to leadership courses like Divemaster and Instructor. We are a NAUI designated Pro Dive Training Center. Find us on
  • Our monthly social events feature speakers presenting about all aspects of diving and the marine environment.
  • We sponsor instructor-led trips that range from nearby destinations in the Caribbean (four day "Dive 'n' Dash" and week-long trips) to expedition-level adventures to far-off exotic locations such as Egypt and Indonesia.

We're The Next Generation Dive Club. Join us!
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