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Meet local C++ coders. We will focus on modern C++ and advanced features of the language.

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Robert C. Seacord and Arne Mertz (Pre-NDC-TechTown Meetup)

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We are very excited for this pre NDC TechTown user group meeting. We have two speakers this time. Their talks are very different so there should be something for everyone!

Our first speaker will be Robert C. Seacord.

Title: Integer Type Selection

A common misconception among C++ developers is that signed integers should be the default integer type, or put another way, that unsigned integers should only be used when modulo behavior is desired.
In reality, for safe, secure, and performant systems the opposite is true and unsigned integers should be the default type for representing integer that cannot have negative values. This goal of this presentation is to provide an irrefutable argument supporting this assertion and put an end to the madness.

And our second speaker will be Arne Mertz.

Title: Code reviews - why, what, and how

Code reviews can be an important instrument to not only improve the quality of our code but also for knowledge transfer. Both junior and senior developers can benefit from code reviews if they are done the right way. Not every line of code needs to be reviewed though, and it is vital to project success to make code reviews efficient by focusing on the right parts of our code. I will lay out the different ways in which our projects and ourselves can benefit from code reviews and touch some points how code reviews should (and should not) be done.

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Pre-NDC-TechTown Meetup

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