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Meet local C++ coders. We will focus on modern C++ and advanced features of the language.

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C++17 Upgrade with Hubert Matthews and Olve Maudal


Hi all! Happy new year! Welcome to a great new meetup, this time we have been so lucky to have both Hubert Matthews and Olve Maudal. We will start early but I will try to get us som pizza like last time. Because of the room size and fire codes I have to set an attendee limit, so RSVP quickly and please change your RSVP if you can't attend after all. These are the talks "42 silly ways to say Hello in Modern C++", by Olve Maudal Modern C++ feels like a new language: move semantics, futures, metaprogramming, concepts, type deduction, constexpr, smart pointers, lambda expression, and algorithms, just to mention a few. This talk will give you a quick but educational overview of modern C++ through printing out "Hello" in 42 different ways. Olve will be livecoding the whole session. "C++17 Upgrade in 60 minutes", by Hubert Matthews C++17 comes with lots of improvements both in the core language and in the library: copy elision, fold expressions, constexpr if, deduction guides, optional, any, variant, string_view, invoke, apply, and void_t, just to mention a few. Hubert will give an overview of the most important new features in C++17 and explain how they are supposed to be used and why the are there. This talk is a very condensed subset of a 2 day "C++17 Upgrade" course that Hubert is offering on a regular basis. Looking forward to seeing you all again! Patricia

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Two talks from CppCon, by Steven Simpson and Patricia Aas

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