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This event has grown super fast overnight with many lifelong experienced bike owners and great passengers who r fun and cool.

If you are an owner and want to take a passenger, state that in your RSVP. You must have an extra helmet to take a rider. Some folks like to ride alone or their bikes are not setup well for passengers. There is a chance not all passengers can be accommodated.

If you are a passenger and want to ride, be sure to state that in your RSVP too. Also state if you need a helmet. The owners tend to be men and passengers tend to be women, but we did have a couple women owners who rode with us.

I'll be matching up riders and passengers at the start of the ride. We'll also have a safety briefing before the ride. A word of caution: Don't ride with someone that makes you uncomfortable. Only courteous, licensed, insured, registered, safe, smart riders are welcome. As a courtesy, I recommend passengers donate $10 to the owners to pay for the gas, helmets, etc. and bikes cost money you know.

Even if you don't ride, join us at Cooks corner for a fun afternoon listening to the band and dancing. We'll be arriving at cooks about 12:30 or so. Some of our group may take you out for short rides on their bikes from cooks corner.

We'll be riding to COOKS CORNER. The route to Cook's Corner will vary but generally in the 20 mile each way range. COOKS USUALLY HAS A BAND ON WEEKENDS. There will be beautiful views. We don't take any toll roads. Plan about 3-4 hrs total which will give you time to attend evening activities. Wet, damp roads cancel !!

Passengers- Be sure to bring sun glasses or some type of eye protection because the wind blows hard on your face while we r rolling....

Lets have a fun safe ride. Riding with a group is really a loud rush and creates a common bond of friendship and group togetherness. Lets stay together as a group during the ride. It is more fun that way. We need a volunteer to be the sweep during the ride.

When parking at the daily grill watch where you park your car and even where we assemble our bikes before the ride. Don’t rev up your engine in the lot. Read all parking signs as this is Irvine and they are quick to call the tow truck on you if you park in a wrong slot. Cars should be able to park in the underground garage and bikes should not assemble directly in front of a business.


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