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まったり滑ろうアイススケート and Birthday Party in DC
• What we'll do まったりとアイススケートを滑りに行きましょう。 Let's go to ice skate. Here is an ice rink next next to Potmac River and waterfront park. Be active on winter. If it is too cold, rainy, or windy, we can go to Smithonian museum or somewhere indoor location. If rainy, we will gather for birthday at Georgetown instead of Ice Skating Meet at: 2:00 PM on December 15th, Saturday Where: Washington Harbour Ice Rink 3050 K St NW, Washington, DC 20007 Near Georgetown Waterfront Park Fee: Adult Admission: $10 Skate Rental: $6 Socks/Glove: $4 Upto 20 people can utilize group discount. Please, ask Jun. ($12 for admission and rental) After ice skate dinner: Let's celebrate December birthday of Alice and Melanie! What to bring -Socks, winter glove, knit cap, warm jacket in layer, and hand warmer. It can be cold or drizzle. -Save my contact, [masked], in order to report emergency, late arrival, or unable to find parking lot, etc. • Important to know - You don't have to speak in Japanese. Theme is enjoying fun activities. Conversation about Japanese language, cultures, foods, etc are fun. - We shall respect others. I strictly prohibit harassment. I will take action against it. Feel free to report anytime when you feel harassed or you are annoyed by others. Don't hesitate to report to me (240)[masked]. BY ATTENDING THIS EVENT, YOU AGREE TO THE LIABILITY WAIVER, INDEMNIFICATION, ASSUMPTION OF RISK, AND OTHER TERMS AND CONDITIONS. YOU ATTEND THIS EVENT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

The Washington Harbour

3050 K St NW · Washington

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(English translation is below)

問. 何をするの?

答. DMVエリアには都会の豊かな文化と郊外の大自然があります。日本語で話し練習したり、日本の文化や料理いろんな楽しいことを話しながら、お祭りなどの催しや野外活動を楽しみましょう。一石二鳥。




答. 日本語の練習をしたい人や話したい人を優先。でも、難しいかったり恥ずかしかったら日本語で話さなくてもいいですよ。日本のことや普段の生活を英語で話すのも楽しいですもの。

問. どれくらい?
答. 月に2回くらい

問. 参加資格
答. いつも周りの友達の気持ちを考えてあげること。

問. いやな思いをした時はどうする?
答. 迷惑行為には厳しく対応します。自分や他の方が迷惑を受けているか不愉快だと感じた場合は、遠慮せずにすぐに教えてね。 (240) 544-7230です。

問. こんなイベントがしたいんだけど?

答. ぜひ教えてね。

Q. What will we do?
A. DMV area has many opportunities of cultural experiences in cities and exciting outdoor activities in nature. Let's enjoy adventures while speaking and practicing Japanese. One stone two birds!

Q. Where will we go?
A. Japanese Events around this area, hiking, picnic, cultural events, ethnic food discovery, interesting place, relaxed public places which we can speak in Japanese.

Q. Only Speak in Japanese?
A. We will prioritize motivation of speaking in Japanese. You still don't have to speak in Japanese if you feel shy or difficult. Theme is enjoying fun activities in your way. Conversations about Japanese language, cultures, foods, and our daily life in English are also fun.

Q. How often?
A. About twice a month

Q. Qualification
Respect to friends

Q.How to react to harassment
I strictly prohibit harassment or improper behavior. We would take action against it. Feel free to report when you feel harassed or when others may be involved. If you see something, say something. No hesitation for reporting me (240) 544-7230 or message me.

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