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    Hello and welcome to The Guitar Social. We offer classes, workshops and social events all linked to making music. We have a large and growing community of music and guitar nerds that are meeting up seven nights a week to get better at what they do. We’re delighted you’re thinking of joining us. But first…there’s a few things you need to know…

    We have six meetup accounts. This was probably a mistake but we’re too far in now so please, only join up to one. Very soon all accounts will be identical.

    We offer classes for all levels, from total beginners onwards. We love beginners. We love helping established players re find their voice.

    Okay, that was the boring stuff, here’s the fun :)

    How it works...

    The Learning.

    We believe that learning guitar is more fun if you do it with other people. We use peer to peer learning and confidence enhancing events to get people out of the bedroom and out into the open. We have four ten week courses and fifteen workshop series’. In total we have over two hundred hours of sessions written, delivered and proven. Our beginners course gets people playing five songs of their choosing and then playing those songs on stage ( within ten weeks. Our Step Up course is often sat by people that have done beginners but it also happily accepts about three new people every term and our Improvers is perfect for people stuck in a musical rut. Our workshops include Improvising, Folk, Bluegrass, Blues, Funk, Tech and Home Recording amongst loads more. if you want a booklet with a course and workshop breakdown, just give us an email.


    Our Social Events are there to get people linked up, inspired and having fun. Remember that once a year field trip from school? Well The Guitar Social is like that every week! Recent events have included four days camping in the musical forest, music movie nights, gig nights, open mics, charity fundraisers, flash mobbing Waterloo Station, countless practice nights and loads of jams for all levels. Our focus is now on Halloween, Christmas and New Years events as well as loads of graduation nights (a lot of our events happen at night) where our students get on stage and play live to an adoring audience.

    Our meet up pages list over 100 events each taking us into 2017. Please take a look through but, as it can get confusing, opening contact through 07425871904 is often the best way. We are on Facebook here (

    We’ll look forward to hearing from you soon and starting your adventure!

    All the best to you and your musical future.


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