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Willkommen beim Berliner OK Lab! Wir sind etwa 30 Leute und arbeiten in verschiedenen Gruppen an Projekten rund um Open Data und Civic Tech. Wir kommen aus ganz verschiedenen Bereichen, entsprechend behandeln auch die Projekte an denen wir arbeiten ganz unterschiedliche Themen.

Wir treffen uns jeden Montag um 19.00 Uhr bei Wikimedia (Tempelhofer Ufer 23) und arbeiten an unseren Projekten. Immer am 2. Montag im Monat machen wir eine Vorstellungsrunde d.h. wir zeigen, woran wir gerade arbeiten und neue Ideen und Projekte können vorgestellt werden.

Wenn Du Lust hast, Dir unser Lab anzuschauen, komm einfach vorbei - am besten zu einer der Vorstellungsrunden.

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Corona Data Donation: Citizen science, public health & fighting against COVID-19

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Welcome to the Berlin Open Knowledge Lab. We are a group of people interested in Open Data and Civic Tech. We usually meet once a week to develop technological and political solutions in a smaller round.

Once a month we invite an expert to give a talk about an Open Data or Civic Tech topic that they specialise in. We will gather at https://bbb.ulm.dev/b/ok-lab-berlin

In March, we are welcoming Marc Wiedermann into the lab to talk about the RKI's work on the Corona Data Donation project:

The Corona Data Donation project allows its participants to provide data collected from their fitness trackers or smart watches for scientific research on real-time monitoring of potential COVID-19 disease burden, long-term effects of a Sars-CoV-2 infection as well as broader public health related research questions. I will show a summary of recent applications of such data, present our team's outreach activities to keep participants engaged with the project, discuss the broader potential of wearable technologies for public health research and share insights and experiences with our efforts for data publication.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us beforehand. Just click the Contact button in the organizer section on the left and send us a message. We will get back to you shortly!

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Public Health and Open Data

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