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What we’re about

Let's get together and discuss different topics about astrology and see what we can learn from each other! Experts as well as newbies are welcome! We will begin each class by looking where the planets are and how they are affecting us--and the world.
This group will make you think differently about your life! 
Since the pandemic, this group has moved to online.  We mainly do personal and world astrology right now. We do talk about the laws of attraction, how everything, including the planets, are a reflection, and how to manifest a happier, more prosperous reality.  We teach methods in how to create a better life for oneself via Law of Attraction techniques.  Ask about weekly exercises to increase love and prosperity in your everyday life!
Please send your exact birth info to Andrea at  This includes your date and year of birth, exact time of birth (ex: 2:34am) and city/state/country of birth.  If you send your email, you will receive your chart via email after payment and receive ZOOM login info.
We'll also look at stories in the news and see how they relate to Law of Attraction. So join us for the fun, good company, enlightening ideas, and a new outlook! We can't wait to meet you!
Love you all,

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