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Let's get together and discuss different topics about astrology and see what we can learn from each other! Experts as well as newbies are welcome! Bring your birth chart, if you've got one. Otherwise, contact Andrea to get one made for your next visit! We will begin each class by looking where the planets are and how they are affecting us--and the world.

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Understanding Your Astrology Chart

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In this class, we look at the basics of your astrology chart and answer your questions about astrology. We consider why events repeat in your life, your destiny, challenges that are unique to you, past lives, and your special gifts. Newbies are welcome! If you have not sent me your birth info (date/year/exact time of birth/city/state/country of birth), then please send it by Friday midnight before the class on Saturday. Prepare to be amazed and to learn lots about yourself! Bring your questions too! There is a $10 fee for this class, payable at class or at Paypal.

Your Weekly Intuitional Message

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It has been said that we are not human beings on a spiritual journey but that instead we are spiritual beings on a human journey. This class is about awakening your consciousness and intuition, using different methods, including tarot, investigation of past lives, symbol reading, healing techniques, and more. Everything around us is a reflection of our inner selves. That is why tarot cards work! We investigate all of the intuitive arts in this class, and each of you gets a personal message that can help guide your week! Come join us for readings, learning, and a whole lot of fun and camaraderie! There is a $5 fee for this class. We do predictions ourselves using tarot, I Ching, oracles, and other methods. Join us!

NEW Learn Astrology Class! 8 weeks! Discounts for Veterans & Seniors!

Canadian Valley Technical Center

Purpose of the Course - 8 week class- 3 HOURS PER EVENING This class will help students understand the basics of astrology and how to read an astrology chart. The goal is to teach an easy way to understand how this science works. Students will receive their personal charts printed out, and they will learn how to decipher the meanings. Students will learn how to read their chart and the charts of others. WE'LL DO SOME OTHER FUN STUFF TOO!!! Specific Objectives List here some specific objectives of this course. Learn the basic astrological archetypes. Learn about the planets and their significance in one’s chart. Learn about the astrological wheel, how it works, and how that affects the meaning of the signs and planets. Veterans & Seniors get major discounts. Call CVTech at[masked] to register!

Monday Moonday Classes- Learn Astrology Now!

Canadian Valley Technology Center El Reno

Let Mondays be a day of discovery! With astrology, you can learn about yourself, your family and friends, and your place in the universe. In this class, we learn the ancient art by studying signs, planets, houses, and aspects, as well as much much more. Astrology is a science that offers endless opportunities for learning about ourselves and others. We'll decipher your chart, talk about prediction, and set you on a journey of self-confirmation and self-determination. Join us for this fun and intriguing 8 week class! $89 for 8 weeks, $19 for seniors and veterans.

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