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What we’re about

This group has not been active for over a year. Anyone who wants to take over as organizer is welcome to do so. Until someone takes over, there will be no new events.

Would you like to meet singles in a relaxed environment where there is a built-in “ice breaker”? Come play some socially interactive games with us! The games will be relatively simple to learn and we won’t take who wins seriously. This group will be for singles.

I will likely cancel events that do not have at least one male and at least one female. Many of the games need a minimum of 4 people to play. If we do not get a minimum of 4, I may cancel the event.

This group is for adults who are responsible for their own actions and decisions. This group will not enforce social distancing or have any requirements for masks or similar items.

This group simply allows single adults to meet.

Per a request from the Meetup organization, I affirm that this group has nothing to do with pick-up or seduction techniques, or wingman tactics.