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• Offering a platform for inspiration and learning for OKR-fans and interested people who want to exchange with other people about OKR-related topics

• This is the international group (language: English), you also find a German group here: https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/OKR-Remote-Deutsch/ (https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/OKR-Remote/)

• Connect OKR beginner and experienced OKR practitioners to learn from each other. Some meetups will focus more on beginner topics, others more on advanced topics

• There will be a mix of impulses and time for exchanging thoughts together. We might experiment with various formats to adjust the virtual meetup to your needs as good as possible.

• We want to participate through continuously looking for next topics and speakers and also feel responsible for the virtual/remote setup regarding technology and meeting concepts. We wish for participants that also bring in their experiences and offer insights into their OKR usage every now and then to bring the exchange concept to life.


NATALIJA ( https://www.linkedin.com/in/natalijahellesoe/ ):

is a Trainer, HR Professional, Agile Coach, and Chance taker. Her experience reaches from HR project management, people development to change management and communication. After experiencing the potential working with innovative and agile methods in people teams herself, she is driven to inspire more organizations to rethink traditional structures, processes, and ways of working. Natalija believes, that today's challenges and possibilities need a new mindset and new tools and wants to encourage and enable people by training and coaching to take responsibility and create a new (working) future in organizations and beyond!

She gained practical OKR knowledge while working with OKR within HolidayCheck, a German e-commerce company, where she trained the OKR Champions and created support structures for individuals and teams together with the OKR Leads. The main goal of using OKR at this time has been to replace the former traditional performance and goal management system but has evolved to improving communication and collaboration throughout the company.

Moreover, as an HR professional, Natalija has deep knowledge of (the challenges of) traditional goal setting processes and what it takes to shift from that to approaches like OKR. Today she supports companies on their OKR journey from first "know-how" workshops to OKR expert trainings and process facilitation.
Today, she is also an accredited trainer for ICAgile's "Agile Talent" and "Agile Leadership" trainings, supports (HR) teams on their first steps towards new ways of working and promotes flexible, value-driven forms of collaboration at international conferences and organizes meetups in various cities to create platforms for like-minded people to share and learn from each other. Through this work, she built up a broad knowledge and connection base of people and companies who are experimenting with OKRs, that she will bring into the meetups.

In 2020 she founded okrs-at-the-center.com to create a collaborative platform, in which OKR practitioners inside and outside of companies can explore the possibilities of developing organizations with OKRs.

Upcoming events (1)

OKRs for focus & alignment - What they really mean and how to improve them

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Many companies implementing OKRs are doing so mainly to improve focus and alignment.

Soon enough they realize, OKR alone is often not the solution!

In this first meetup of 2023, we will therefore deep-dive into …

🔲 what focus really means - and how the way you work with long-term goals, your culture and other organizational elements determine the leverage potential of OKRs for improved focus

🔲 different aspects of Alignment, why you need a solar system and not a cascade, and how to shape strategy, alignment processes and more to really improve alignment in your organization

The event in a nutshell:
When: February 1, 2023 at[masked]pm (CET).
Where: Online - Zoom & Miro - Links will be provided just before the event
!!! Number of participants: 100 - First come, first serve !!!

16:30 - 16:45 - Welcome & Networking
16:45 - 17:15 - Keynote - What focus and alignment really means and how OKRs can help to improve them” by Cansel & Natalija incl. time for Q&A
17:15 - 17:45 - Group discussion and exercise: Focus + Alignment
17:45 - 18:00 - Wrap up, key take-aways, Outlook and Check Out

This will also be the kick-off event for our “Reshaping the future of OKRs” event series in 2023 and we will share what else will be to come!

Sign up directly on the Linkedin Event page:

We are looking forward to reshaping the future of OKRs together with OKR practitioners and Coaches from around the globe!

Your hosts,
Natalija Hellesoe & Cansel Sörgens

About the “Reshaping the future of OKRs” movement:

We believe that #okrs have great potential to develop your organization, bring enhanced focus, alignment and increase value-creation - if...

…you use them in an intentional way
… critically think about WHY, WHEN, WHERE and HOW to use them
... avoid the typical pitfalls
… build a solid foundation to get started
... continuously improve based on your organizational system & goals!

⚡ Too many organizations fail implementing OKRs - wasting valuable time and resources along the way and don't get the possible benefits out of them - but it does not have to be this way! ⚡

So let's change the narrative and awareness around OKRs together!

To bring OKR practitioners from around the globe together to connect, discuss & learn from and with each other to reshape the future of OKRs, we will

> host a series of events to deep-dive into the topics each month
> share our experience on how to improve your OKR System
> discuss with you, what it takes to reshape the future of OKRs

Join our Linkedin group now, to be the first to know about events, get access to recordings, further content and resources: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12735068/

More about us:

Cansel Sörgens has been working for 14+ years in Digital Product Management in different roles in Product Management and Agile Organisational Development. Since 2016 she practices and teaches Objectives and Key Results, and as Systemic Business Coach, Cansel uses a holistic approach to guide organisations of all sizes from different industries in strategy development and implementation, organisational development, and transformations. She sees OKRs as gateway to business agility, value-driven alignment, outcome-focussed thinking, and cross-divisional collaboration. She shares her passion with OKR practitioners worldwide as the founder and organiser of international OKR events and groups.

More information: https://cansel-soergens.com

Natalija Hellesoe is an organizational development coach and OKR expert. She supports companies wanting to increase focus, autonomy, and value creation to identify and prioritize their challenges, set valuable goals and continuously improve. Natalija has been working within People Development and Transformation since 2010 before starting her own business offering an entire ecosystem of training and coaching focusing on Leadership & Responsibility, Objectives & Key Results and Agile HR & Learning. In 2020, she published the practical book “OKRs at the center: How to drive change with goals and create the organization you want” together with Sonja Mewes via Sense & Respond Press which describes a holistic approach to OKRs as part of the organization system and its potential for intentional organizational development. As an active member of the international OKR community, she runs a monthly meetup since 2019 and regularly speaks on related topics at international conferences.

More information: https://okrs-at-the-center.com/