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Law of Attraction Meditation for Abundance

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Manifesting abundance comes when you are part of the universal energy flow. Abraham/Esther Hicks talk about floating down a stream. You do not have to DO anything; just relax and allow.

Most of us have trouble with this. It is so easy to hit the rocks of what if or how can that work... You probably have your own blocks or words that block.

Keridak has utilized Universal Law for years. She has developed a guided meditation that will both help you feel connected and bring the things that you truly desire to you.

She has manifested homes, money, jobs and love. All appeared spontaneously. The biggest effort was in staying clear and focused on a desire. Today she continues to have success in receiving what she asks for.

Meditation does take practice. It is also enhanced by group energy. Having a weekly time to focus just one you and your desires is what we are providing.

We will start at 9:30 am every Sunday. Coffee, tea and Hot Chocolate will be available so hop out of bed and come join us.

There is no fee but we love donations!

At 11:00 am we host a Psychic Gallery - Kristina and Keridak alternate sundays. Attendees are given messages as they are received by Kristina and Keridak. Guides, the spirits of loved ones, card reading, and occasionally channeling are the source of these messages. Every Sunday is different. The fee for staying during the Psychic Gallery is $20

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