An e-commerce app in action built on top of a multi-model database


Join Max Neunhöffer, Senior Developer and Architect of ArangoDB and gain in-depth knowledge of AQL (ArangoDB Query Language).

This talk presents a genuine use case of ArangoDB's native multi-model approach, by means of the example of an e-commerce app. First the main advantages of a "multi-model" database are explained. Then we dive deep into the native multi-model database ArangoDB and its query language - AQL. We give an introduction to the three data-models ArangoDB covers (Documents, Graphs and Key-Values), and explain that AQL is a uniform query language that can cover all three data-models of ArangoDB, so no context switches are necessary.

The major part of the talk will explain the data model and show concrete AQL queries that would occur in an e-commerce platform. Max will demonstrate the multi-model advantages of AQL and how they lead to better performance and to a simpler life for developers.

The session will end with a short Q&A.

We'll be hosting this meetup on YouTube live:


• 9:00 PST (UTC - 8 hours)
• 12:00 EST (UTC - 5 hours)
• 16:00 UTC
• 17:00 BST (UTC + 1 hour)
• 18:00 CEST (UTC + 2 hour)