Fundamentals and Best Practices of ArangoDB Cluster Administration: Part II


This online talk is the second part of the Cluster Administration Course.

The second part of the cluster administration course goes into more depth in aspects concerning authentication, infrastructure deployment (Kubernetes, DC/OS), troubleshooting and data loss, backup and restore, resharding of collections and lastly an introduction into enterprise features.

In the first part, Kaveh discussed the inner workings and mechanisms involved in clustering of ArangoDB databases. And went through basic administrative tasks like startup, orderly shutdown, rolling upgrading, creation and dropping of cluster database entities, authentication, SSL transport, live scaling of the cluster, and basic troubleshooting.

We'll be hosting this talk live via Zoom. Join the live stream on Tuesday, May 29th here:


• 9:00 PST (UTC - 8 hours)
• 12:00 EST (UTC - 5 hours)
• 16:00 UTC
• 17:00 BST (UTC + 1 hour)
• 18:00 CEST (UTC + 2 hour)