ArangoDB Cluster Administration: Part III


This online talk is the third part of the Cluster Administration Course.

In this 3rd part, we will dive into framework orchestration and enterprise features of ArangoDB clusters. We will deploy local and cloud clusters using the Kubernetes operator `kube-arangodb`. We will also go through the basic setup of datacenter to datacenter replication of an ArangoDB cluster.

The second part of the cluster administration course went more in-depth concerning aspects of authentication and infrastructure deployment. In the first part, Kaveh discussed the inner workings and mechanisms involved in clustering of ArangoDB databases.

Get ready for the Part 3 by going through the Cluster Course:

We'll be hosting this talk live via Zoom. Join the live stream on Wednesday, September 12th here:


• 9:00 PST (UTC - 8 hours)
• 12:00 EST (UTC - 5 hours)
• 16:00 UTC
• 17:00 BST (UTC + 1 hour)
• 18:00 CEST (UTC + 2 hour)

In case you missed the previous parts you can watch the recordings here:
Part I:
Part II: