Separate Your Data Access Layer With TypeScript Powered MicroServices


We would like to welcome you to the hands-on talk from our Community member - Gurgen Hayrapetyan, who will speak live about his project - ArangoDB Foxx Service Template with TypeScript & Yarn 2.0 Support:

Separating server-side code into logical layers is a widely accepted architectural pattern. Having a standalone Data Access Layer(DAL) makes it possible for the Business Logic Layer to consist of multiple micro-services while having no duplication of data domain-specific logic across different services. Using ArangoDB Foxx services provides us with an opportunity to split the Data Access Layer into logical contexts, link shared logic together, and have high performance with native access to in-memory data.

Gurgen will also do a live demo and answer any questions towards the end of the talk.

About the speaker:
Gurgen is a Yerevan-based software engineer working at GRÜV. He specializes in Graph Databases and Real-Time Systems. He is passionate about functional programming and data analysis. He maintains and contributes to various OSS related to Elixir/Erlang, Graph DBs, and JavaScript.

March 4th 2020 - 9AM PT/ 12PM ET/ 6PM CET

Join us live on the day by clicking the link here:

Small disclaimer: This is a registration-free event. However, to ensure the best live streaming quality we use Zoom that will ask for your name and email when joining the event. This data will not be processed or stored by ArangoDB. You can have a look at the Zoom Privacy Policy here: